VoIP for Mobile: What are the benefits for your business?

60% of UK businesses rely on mobiles, and it’s easy to see why. VoIP’s flexible model allows businesses to bolster and nurture their workforce, all while reducing running costs. In this article, we’ll cover how VoIP’s mobile-friendly features can elevate the way you communicate, both internally and with customers.

 If you’re new to VoIP and want to know what it is and how it works, you can find out more in our article ‘What is VoIP?

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Why use VoIP for Mobile?

VoIP for mobile allows businesses to operate effectively, without tethering them to a single location. Alongside this, its reduced call costs and efficiency-boosting features give you a user-friendly, mobile extension of your business.

1. Cutting costs locally and internationally

Before VoIP, companies offering their employees business mobiles had to negotiate prices with providers, often paying hefty fees for data and devices. VoIP removes this hurdle, letting you use your VoIP services’ built-in call agent or integrate popular VoIP apps like WhatsApp. This applies to video calling too, with free mobile conferencing that eliminates pricey per-user plans.

VoIP’s internet connectivity lets users make low-cost calls too, saving money significantly compared to traditional landlines. This extends to international calls, removing steep charges which may mount up if your business works alongside other global brands.

2. Making your business more flexible

Once only possible for travelling salesmen, VoIP for mobile allows your employees to work from anywhere with a broadband connection too. They’ll have the same access to software and customer data as on their desktop system, allowing staff to manage out-of-work commitments while still being available if needed.

3. Integrations available to all

As mentioned earlier, your VoIP systems can integrate with many popular workplace applications. You simply install them as part of your onsite network or in a cloud-based environment. This gives your employees access to call agents, CRM systems and email clients on the go. Equal access like this allows staff to support one another, while delivering a consistent customer journey via the shared resources and tools available.  

4. Maintain your system from anywhere

With VoIP for mobile, your IT administrator can access your central system via their phone – making it easy to update your VoIP service and resolve any nagging issues.

With traditional ISDN networks, you’d likely have to call out a technician at cost, while repairs had the potential to limit the service you could provide. Because VoIP is a digital software, it removes this barrier, making system maintenance a simple, efficient process.

5. Increased security and reliability

If your business deals with customer data, you may worry that working via mobile could put it at risk. You’ll be pleased to know then, that most VoIP services offer strengthened network security and call encryption. These protocols extend across your network regardless of location/device.

Despite this, staff using their personal mobiles for work should have robust device security, while ensuring they aren’t using applications that could compromise company data.

Backup systems for uninterrupted communication

For larger businesses with high call volumes, it's important to make sure you have backup components in place if a part of your system goes down. This is not a common occurrence, as most VoIP services have load-balancing functions that distribute traffic evenly across multiple servers or networks.

This doesn’t always come as standard, but if you’re worried about the strain that call traffic may place on your servers, it’s best to enquire with your service provider.

They may be able to build backup components into your network. That way, if your system monitoring shows an overflow of network traffic – it will automatically switch or share the load with the backup component. These features allow you to provide exceptional customer service, without the worry of your system going down.

What do VoIP Mobile apps offer?

To understand how it offers these benefits, let’s look at T2K’s 3CX offering and its accompanying mobile apps.

Quality customer service on the go

With 85% of customers likely to return to a business if they have a great phone experience, it’s important to maintain consistent service. Luckily, 3CX’s mobile apps allow staff to support customers wherever they’re working from. They’re able to take calls and resolve issues with ease, while being able to answer chat messages from website visitors too.

Distribute your workload fairly

3CX’s system can integrate with WhatsApp, Facebook and other widely available apps and platforms. One study showed that 74% of employees used mobile VoIP apps daily, highlighting just how accessible and user-friendly apps like these are.

WhatsApp in particular, allows you to use your own business number. Once you set it up, staff can log into this number in their apps, so you can share calls amongst your team whether in the office or remotely.

Pocket access to everything you need

Once you’ve set up your 3CX system, simply download the platform-specific app to your mobile device. The intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface will then give you immediate access to video, voice or conference calling. 

With everything they need front and centre, employees will be able to save time searching for hidden features and instead invest it in other areas of business.

Compatible with all mobile operating systems

Apps are available for both IOS and Android, designed to fit in with each operating system's functionality. This means a gentler learning curve for staff, as most will use their phones as part of their day-to-day lives anyway.

Each app provides the same access as Windows softphone and browser-based apps, meaning wherever you are, you’ll be able to perform the same role as desktop users. Alongside efficiency, this consistent accessibility allows greater scope for collaboration.

Collaboration made easy

Collaboration is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your workforce. If you think remote or mobile working puts up barriers to this, 3CX’s mobile apps are here to change your mind.

Video conferencing that unites your workforce

3CX’s free video conferencing lets you deliver training sessions, team meetings, or company updates right to your staff’s mobiles. It also removes the shackles of time limits, with no restrictions on important client calls or more complex team sessions. 

From a customer service angle, it’s been shown that video doubles the positive impact of customer calls. This is likely due to the interactivity -  with customers able to read your body language – making it literally less of a faceless process.

Live chat and IM that boosts your reputation

Alongside video calling, live chat and instant messaging are a huge factor in ensuring your remote and in-office team members can carry out their roles successfully. 

Not only does it allow on-the-spot dialogue between colleagues and leaders, but it’s been shown to save mobile workers up to 55 minutes each day. Alongside this, 67% report better productivity as they could resolve issues quicker over IM.

Live chat for your website can also boost your company image. Visitors can browse your services and pose any questions to your staff – giving your customer experience an organic flow, which is more likely to result in a sale.

What can VoIP for mobile do for you?

It's natural to be concerned about a move towards mobile working. You want to ensure your staff have everything they need to do a great job -  while maintaining consistent customer service.

Thankfully, many VoIP services offer apps and features that give your employees full access to tools and databases, regardless of location. 

Add to this the easy-to-use interface, the ability to maintain it remotely and its surprisingly low cost - and you’ve got a mobile telephony model that benefits your workforce, your customers, and your business as a whole.

If you want to learn more about how VoIP for mobile can boost customer service and workforce morale, contact T2K today.

Lee Clarke
Sales Director

Having worked for T2k for nearly 25 years, it's fair to say that Lee is an expert when it comes to all things telephony and business communications. Overseeing the commercial side of the business, he has helped the company evolve and grow through the decades. In recent years, and with the advent of VoIP and hosted telephony, Lee has made sure that T2k is at the forefront of technological developments. With a firm interest in helping businesses navigate the world of telecoms, Lee is responsible for the majority of the content on this website.

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