Best business VoIP provider (UK)

Based on our in-depth, expert analysis, independent reviews, awards and service levels, we found that the following companies are currently the best VoIP providers for businesses in the UK:

With so many options to choose from, it can be somewhat daunting to know which VoIP provider is best for you, which is why we provide a free service where our business telecoms experts compare the market for you. Press on the button below, tell us a bit about your requirements and we'll come back back to you with a customised quote.

Short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, VoIP means that telephone calls are made through the internet, rather than a landline, ISDN, or mobile network. A VoIP phone system gives businesses lots of additional functionality on top of making simple telephone calls. Examples include things like call recording, call transfer, hunt groups, and much more.

Primarily, there are two ways you can get a business VoIP system; buy the equipment and run it from your office, or subscribe to a hosted service, like those mentioned in this guide. In 99% of cases today, the latter is the best solution for businesses for various reasons such as reliability and cost. For that reason, in this article, we're going to focus on hosted VoIP phone systems.

How does VoIP work?

A VoIP system works by taking your analogue voice signal and converting it into a digital signal that can be transferred over a broadband line.

Unlike traditional phone systems where you need a physical phone, you could use any of the following to make VoIP calls:

  • A VoIP Phone
  • A computer
  • A smartphone
  • A web browser (with some systems)

How VoIP works with an IP phone:

How VoIP works diagram
VoIP works by transmitting your voice calls over the internet.

How VoIP works with a laptop softphone:

How a softphone works diagram
A softphone is simply a piece of software on your computer that allows you to make VoIP calls.

What are the benefits of business VoIP?

Regardless of the VoIP provider you choose; there are some universal benefits you can expect to enjoy:

  • Lower service costs
  • Work from anywhere
  • Improved portability
  • Scalability
  • Advanced features
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Flexibility with soft phones and mobile apps

Lower costs

Controlling costs in business is vital, which is why the first benefit of VoIP phone systems we want to bring to your attention is that, in most cases, it lowers costs. Of course, how much it reduces costs will very much depend on the systems you currently have in place, but we would usually expect to see savings of anywhere up to 50%. Yes, that's right, VoIP services can save you up to 50% compared to a traditional phone system with an ISDN line.

Cost savings vs a traditional PBX

When it comes to a traditional phone system, businesses must invest in handsets and PBX hardware. A PBX on its own can cost thousands of pounds, and while that can often be leased over several years, getting set up still represents a massive cost.

In contrast, a hosted VoIP phone system does away with the capital outlay and simply charge you per user per month for everything.

Connectivity costs

To run a traditional phone system before VoIP, you would need telephone lines such as ISDN and internal cabling to every desk. Every time you want to add another person to the system, you'd need to get them connected via a cable running back to the PBX; this is, of course, in addition to any networking you need for your computer systems. The great thing with business VoIP systems and handsets is that they run over the same network as your computers, completely removing the need to have a second connection going back to your comms room. Not only that, but they can also even run over wireless, which, while not quite as reliable as a physical network cable, can give you more flexibility over where the handset is located in the office. Finally, as we know, ISDN line rental is costly and is being phased out in favour of SIP lines - by moving to VoIP, all of your calls go over your internet connection so you can rid yourself of one more ongoing cost.

Call costs

Direct savings also come in the form of reduced call costs, with many VoIP services even offering substantial free call packages; our favoured options, for instance, give you 2000 minutes to UK landlines and 2000 minutes to UK mobiles per user per month! VoIP calls can be up to 60% cheaper domestically and sometimes up to 90% cheaper internationally than calls via PSTN or ISDN.

Maintenance costs

Another significant cost related to traditional phone systems and handsets is the maintenance costs. When you purchase a PBX, you'll invariably take out a support service alongside it with a local provider so that as or when you have issues or want to make changes, you have someone to call. Those maintenance costs add up, and as your system gets older, you'll likely find that the support fees only increase.

By getting a hosted VoIP system, you remove the need for a maintenance contract to support your PBX. You don't own the hardware and therefore don't need to look after it. You pay your monthly fee per phone, and the rest is taken care of for you.

Work from anywhere

Arguably one of the most significant benefits given that we are increasingly working from both the office and home is the ability to take business calls anywhere you have an internet connection. With VoIP, you aren't tied to a physical phone line, so you can be anywhere in the world and pick up your business phone. This is huge for businesses that have needed to send their employees home during the pandemic, as they can access all of the features they can in the office from their homes for no additional cost.

Improved portability

A VoIP number is completely portable, which means you can use the same number wherever you go. For some people that travel often, this is welcome news as they can appear to be in the office from anywhere in the world. Better yet, if your business changes its address or your employees need to work from home for an extended period, you can all keep your phone numbers.


Scalability is a benefit often associated with VoIP as it provides business owners with a system that can grow as their company grows. A cloud VoIP solution does away with the need to purchase expensive hardware or a dedicated telephone line as a business grows. Got a new office opening? Simply order a few more handsets and ship them to the site.

Advanced features

VoIP provides you with many advanced features such as auto-attendant and call forwarding that help businesses of all sizes operate efficiently and help small companies project a larger image. Equally, it can help large enterprise-scale organisations feel more approachable. It all comes down to how the system is set up.

Let's say you have a Birmingham-based business, which serves clients across the UK, but especially in London. By signing up with a business VoIP provider, you can get a VoIP phone number with the London area code, even though you're not based there. This gives your customers the impression you're a local business even though you might not be.

Similarly, the auto-attendant and call routing features can make you look larger than you are. For example, you could be a sole trader, but you've set up your VoIP system to seem like you're a company with several departments.

Clearer voice quality

Today, as long as you have a fast and stable internet connection, voice quality shouldn't be an issue. VoIP calls tend to be clear and crisp, with no latency, lag or call dropout issues.

The key to VoIP call quality is having broadband or a leased line that is reliable and has plenty of bandwidth. If your connection is slow and often drops, then it's a warning sign that VoIP might not be the right fit for your business.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications refers to a VoIP phone system that integrates multiple communication methods. A business probably communicates in many ways, such as phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, SMS, fax, etc. A Unified Communications service connects all of the ways your business communicates, letting them talk to each other in one system and making your business more efficient. The best VoIP providers and their systems will typically enable companies to utilise the power of Unified Communications.

How to choose a business VoIP provider

Who you choose to provide your VoIP is incredibly important, given that, in all likelihood, you'll be with them for several years. Ofcom offers several tips on things to ask when choosing a VoIP provider, but our thoughts are you need to make sure they offer all of the following:

  • Setup for minimal or no capital outlay
  • The choice between hosted or an onsite solution
  • UK based customer support
  • Highly rated and reviewed
  • In business for a reasonable length of time
  • A clear track record for high service levels
  • Experienced with small and large business

The best business VoIP providers (UK)

Without further ado, we bring you our summarised list and reviews of the best UK VoIP providers for businesses in 2022.

Please remember that the best VoIP provider for you will largely depend on your requirements, so it's always best to speak to us first to help you make the right choice. You can reach us on 01202 854111, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm. Alternatively, complete this quick questionnaire, and we'll provide you with a bespoke quote for the VoIP phone system we think fits you best.

Gamma - Horizon Hosted Phone System

Best all-round
Gamma Horizon for Business Provider Page
9.7/10 Our Score

Gamma and their hosted phone system Horizon are at the top of our list of UK VoIP providers. A business-only provider of telecoms services, Gamma operates almost entirely through a network of partners. Their Horizon hosted VoIP platform is award-winning and market-leading, which is why many partners choose it as their hosted VoIP service of choice. The great thing with Horizon is that it is suitable for businesses of all sizes, so even the smallest of companies can use it and then add users as they grow. Bigger companies will find a suite of features that is hard to beat, including integration with CRMs and Micorosft Teams, along with things such as video conferencing and instant messaging.

  • Feature-rich VoIP phone system
  • Packages start at just £9.95 per month
  • Generous free call bundles
  • Unlimited VoIP phone numbers
  • Excellent reliability and service levels
  • Work from anywhere
  • Make calls from your desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Integrates with popular CRMs
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams & Outlook
  • Excellent support from smaller partners
  • Not as flexible as some systems
  • Supports fewer IP phones 
  • No choice over where the system is located


Most flexible
3CX for Business Provider Page
9.5/10 Our Score

3CX is quite different to the other providers on this list as their VoIP solution can be deployed almost anywhere, be that on your premises, in a private datacentre or the cloud. Incredibly, 3CX can even be installed on Raspberry Pi, demonstrating how flexible and lightweight their software is. Unlike others on our list, with 3CX, you will need to get SIP trunks, too, meaning it's not an all in one solution; depending on how you look at that, it could be a strength or weakness. Another big plus for 3CX is that it'll do many advanced things out of the box; examples include integration with CRM apps, browser-based video conferencing and much more. 

A cursory glance around the internet at reviews, and you'll find that we're not the only ones that appreciate this system.

Rating out of 5 stars:

4.5 Stars - TechRadar
4.4 Stars - G2
4.5 Stars - Capterra
4.2 Stars - Spiceworks Community

  • Complete control over your phone system
  • Choose your own cloud provider
  • Choose your own hardware
  • Choose between on-premise or cloud
  • Supports ALL IP phones
  • Modern Android and iOS apps
  • Make calls from the web and Windows
  • Extensive feature list
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams natively
  • Integrates with leading CRM apps
  • Includes Instant Messaging
  • Highly rated and recognised as an excellent solution
  • Need to find your own SIP trunk provider
  • Requires a partner to set up
  • Not as easy to manage as other solutions

Mitel logo


If you've been in business for a while, you'll undoubtedly have come across Mitel as they've been a leading provider of onsite phone systems for many years. Mitel's MiCloud Connect is their offering into the hosted business telephone system market. 

Highlights of the Mitel MiCloud Connect solution:

  • An all-in-one telephony solution
  • Stable, reliable and secure
  • Feature-rich VoIP solution
  • Conferencing and mobile compatible

RingCentral Logo

Ring Central

the highlights of RingCentral's Unified Communications VoIP service:

  • Messaging, phone and video are all integrated
  • Global company
  • Integrations with over 250 apps
  • Works across your computer, tablet and phone
  • Used by some of the biggest companies in the world
  • Real-time analytics for phone and meetings
  • Eliminate IT overhead with one system
  • Scale-up and deploy new users very quickly

RingCentral reviews

It's fair to say RingCentral has mixed reviews, with a pretty low score of 2.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot but a far more respectable score of 4.5 on Gartner Peer Insights. Like some of the other big players in this list, while you will likely get all of the business VoIP features you need and more with RingCentral, you will be relatively unimportant to them. Therefore, the customer service levels could be questionable. 

8x8 logo


8x8 is another of Gartner's leading Unified Communications providers and is a global VoIP business. As you might expect, their business VoIP service is packed full of features, so many so we'd be hard-pushed to list them all out. As we'll look at in a moment, perhaps the only thing counting against 8x8 is its customer service levels, as their reviews currently show.

Highlights of 8x8's Unified Communication solution:

  • Business phone, team chat and video calling
  • Embeddable communications with a developer-friendly API
  • Works with Microsoft Teams
  • Global reliability
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Integrates with CRMs
  • Plus lots of business-friendly features

8x8 reviews

As we've suggested, the only thing counting against 8x8 is its reviews from existing customers. Their current Trustpilot rating is just 3.9, which puts them among some of the lowest scoring providers on this list. As we've suggested, this doesn't mean they always provide a poor service, but it seems they have more unhappy customers than, say, bOnline or T2k.

bOnline logo


bOnline is an exciting company in that they provide far more than just VoIP phone systems; they also do things like web design. Their VoIP solution is focused very much on smaller companies that are perhaps looking for their first phone system. 

Here are the highlights of bOnline's business VoIP phone system:

  • Make business calls from your computer
  • Sync your mobile contacts
  • One-click call audio and video meetings
  • Call forwarding, call queuing and call recording
  • HD Voice calls
  • Call reports
  • Business hours call routing
  • Local or national numbers
  • Customised greetings
  • Video meetings

bOnline Reviews

bOnline has amassed an impressive haul of over 7,000 reviews and has a current Trustpilot score of 4.6. That's incredible considering the number of reviews and demonstrates the high quality of both their business VoIP solutions and their customer service.

Techtalk logo


Perhaps one of the lesser-known business VoIP providers on this list, talktech stand out as being yet another provider of the award-winning Gamma Horizon platform. With all the features that we provide, their hosted telephony solution is arguably one of the best in the UK.

talktech reviews

Perhaps the only thing counting against talktech is their current Trustpilot score of just 3.9 out of 5.

Vonage Business logo

Vonage Business

Vonage is one of the market leaders for Unified Communications, offering more than mere VoIP to consumers and businesses alike. While Unified Communications might seem like jargon reserved for only the largest companies, Vonage is actively pushing it into smaller businesses too. Ultimately, it's a hosted VoIP service, but it's packed full of features that enable you to integrate your communications into a single platform. Vonage Business Communications looks to streamline voice, SMS, team messaging, fax, video meetings and more. 

Here are the highlights of Vonage's Unified Communications VoIP service:

  • Click to dial and paperless fax
  • Call monitoring and Virtual Receptionist
  • Call Forwarding and Call Flip
  • Control your business phone system from your computer
  • Work anywhere with mobile apps
  • Voicemail transcription service
  • Call Announce, so you know who is calling
  • Call continuity and emergency routing
  • And much more

Vonage reviews

Vonage talks a good game, and there is no doubt that their service is packed full of features, but looking at their reviews on Trustpilot, they still have some work to do. Currently, they score 3.9 stars out of 5 from over 600 reviews. A consistent complaint seems to be how hard it is to contact Vonage when there is an issue, which is unfortunately often the case when you work with these larger companies.

4Com logo


4Com provide several hosted VoIP options and on-premises systems too. They primarily run on HiHi phones, which enable advanced functionality like unified communications (UC), so integrating into other platforms should be a breeze. 

According to 4Com, their Hihi phones are suitable for businesses ranging in size from 3-100 employees, making it a good fit for UK based SMEs. 

Highlights of 4Com's VoIP service:

  • Call reporting and stats
  • Integration with popular desktop apps
  • On-hold marketing messages
  • Call recording functionality
  • Auto-attendant system
  • Voicemail to email
  • Simple installation and setup
  • UK based service and support
  • No upfront costs

4Com Reviews

4Com currently enjoys a Trustpilot score of 4.7 out 5 stars, which is impressive given the number of customers. Similarly to us here at T2k, it would seem that 4Com takes looking after its customers seriously, which shows in their reviews.

Gradwell logo


Gradwell is a well-established telecoms provider based in Bath. With a large team and an extensive client base, they can support almost any company that looks to them for VoIP. Alongside their VoIP offerings, they also provide services such as connectivity and software; they are a modern-day communications partner by all accounts.

Highlights of Gradwell's service:

  • Simple to manage
  • Packed full of features
  • Call routing functionality
  • Softphone apps for iOS and Android
  • HD Audio quality
  • Use any device
  • Built on AWS web services

Gradwell reviews

Gradwell are one provider on this list who we know are very good, but it seems of late their service levels have slipped somewhat. Currently, their Trustpilot score is hovering around 3.9 stars out of 5. However, the frequency of 5-star reviews seems to be increasing, signalling perhaps the resolution of some of the troubles they have had.

Lily comms logo

Lily Comms

Lily Comms is another VoIP provider that provides its services off of Gamma's Horizon platform. That means that you'll get all the functionality we've already mentioned for T2k and Gamma but backed up by Lily's team from a support perspective. Seeing as that's the case, and not wanting to repeat ourselves, let's focus on the provider rather than the service:

About Lily Comms:

  • Award-winning provider of communications and IT solutions
  • Highly rated on Trustpilot
  • Gamma & Microsoft partner
  • Tailored services
  • All customers get a dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 support options

Lily Comms Reviews

Lily Comms is comparable to T2k in that they currently have a score of 4.9 out of 5 from their customer reviews on Trustpilot. This is encouraging not only for Lily but for T2k too, as ultimately, we both use the same underlying technology to deliver services to customers. It seems that Lily shares the dedication to customer care that we have, too, so good work, guys.

BT business logo

BT Busienss

BT is synonymous with telecoms, being that it's the oldest phone company in the world. Today, it provides various services domestically and to the corporate market, from TV and mobile to business VoIP systems.

While perhaps not everyone's favourite company, it has to be said that they must be doing something right to be where they are. 

Here are the highlights of BTs cloud VoIP solutions:

  • Choose between local and non-geographic numbers
  • Integration with mobile devices so you can work from anywhere
  • Call forwarding, routing, Voicemail and more
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Extensive CRM integration
  • Cloud-based with simple admin portal
  • Instant messaging
  • Video Conferencing

BT Business Reviews

BT's reviews are, in all honesty, pretty poor; they're a huge business and therefore taking care of individual customers tends to be complicated. This is represented in their currently Trustpilot score of just 1.2 out of 5. However, it should be noted that they aren't actively asking their customers for Trustpilot reviews, so it tends to be only the people who have had negative experiences that take the time to find their profile and leave a review.

Virgin media business logo

Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media are another well-known name on our list of the best providers, who you will undoubtedly have come across for in the very least domestic TV and phone services. But they also provide a range of business VoIP services to complement their other offerings, such as business internet connectivity. Virgin provides several VoIP solutions, including backing off to another leading provider in this list 8x8. As much of their business VoIP service is backed off to 8x8, we'll focus more on the features of that service a little later.

Virgin Media Business Reviews

We're sorry to say that the situation for Virgin in terms of reviews is very similar to that of BT. As they aren't actively encouraging customer reviews, their Trustpilot profile is littered with complaints. Of course, as is always the case with reviews, they should be taken with a pinch of salt, but overall, the picture isn't too positive. 

SureVoIP Logo


SureVoIP is one of the few providers on this list to boast their independent network and business VoIP solution. With a national MPLS enabled network, they provide a high-quality and high-reliability service. Perhaps not quite as well known as others on this list, they are a genuine contender in the market, having won various industry awards in the past few years. 

Here are the highlights of SureVoIPs business VoIP service:

  • Various solutions depending on your company size
  • All of their business VoIP services provide HD Voice quality
  • Voicemail to email as standard
  • Choice of handsets along with desktop and smartphone softphones
  • Fully encrypted calls for security
  • Port numbers over and get new ones
  • Call recording and conferencing
  • Auto-attendant and IVR options

Sure VoIP reviews

SureVoIP collects their reviews via and currently have a 4.47 out of 5-star score, with 90% of reviewers recommending SureVoIP. This high score demonstrates their commitment to quality and customer service and justifies their inclusion in this list of best VoIP providers for business.

Introducing T2k Horizon

Our cloud-based VoIP platform is a complete business communications service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

Business-focused features that emphasise control and administration take the burden of management away from your IT team. We can manage and configure the system to your specific needs, and each user can then manage their calls effectively, maximising their productivity.

Easy to use interface

With a wide range of call handling features, all accessible via a web dashboard, Horizon gives users convenient access to all of the following:

Improved team working

Horizon cloud VoIP improves team working through a variety of excellent features; all included as standard with your VoIP system's subscription:

1) Adhoc conferencing

Start a conference at any time, without scheduling a meeting, simply drag and drop users from your contacts to an open within, and you can enjoy all of the features of a planned conference.

2 ) Hunt Groups

Distribute calls across your team using Hunt Groups; it doesn't matter where the team is based, or even if they're in the same office; if they're in a group and available, they can be included in your call routing. Choose from the following five ways to call the group:

  • Circular - Sends calls to users based on their position in a list
  • Regular - Sends calls to the next available user in the hunt group
  • Simultaneous - Sends incoming calls to all of the users at the same time
  • Uniform - Send the call to the user who has been idle the longest
  • Weighted - Assigns calls to users based on percentages you set in the Hunt Group

3 ) Call transfer

Transfer calls to any internal or external number quickly and easily, and not only that, easily receive the call back if no one answers. Simply enable the settings, and you'll have the option of how many times a transferred call should ring before it's transferred back to you. You don't need to answer either; using Blind Transfer, you can transfer a call without speaking to the person.

4 ) Common or customisable settings for sites, groups and departments

Reduce admin and maintain consistency across the organisation by grouping sites, teams and departments together. Changes in settings can then be rolled out on a per-site, team or department basis.

5) Call park

Put a call on hold and pick up another phone, giving you the flexibility to move around the office and even switch to a mobile device or computer.

6) Call Pick-up

Someone in the team away from their desk? With Call Pick-Up, you can take the call and let the person know when your colleague will be back at their desk. This feature not only allows you to answer colleagues phones but enables you to pick up calls that are call-waiting too.

7) Call Waiting and music on hold

Call waiting for queues callers and ensure you're ready to take the next call. With music on hold, you can choose to play waiting music or even promotional messages while your customers wait.

8) Auto Attendant

Auto-attendant provides menu options to callers so that their call can be routed to the correct person or team. You can create a bespoke schedule that enables the auto-attendant only during working hours and disables it when the office is closed for a holiday.

Work efficiently

With a range of features specifically designed to help your team maximise their efficiency, Horizon is the business VoIP solution that small businesses and large businesses use to avoid wasted time.

1) Last number redial and click to dial

Quickly redial the last number that was called, received or missed and use your computer to Click to Dial anyone in your contacts list.

2) Presence or Pre-set Availability

Manage incoming calls with Presence and Pre-set Availability; if you know you're not going to be available, your business phone needn't ring. Call routing can take the caller to someone available. Choose from four different availability profiles:

  • Available In Office
  • Available - Out of office
  • Busy
  • Unavailable

These profiles include the ability to manage incoming call functions, for example, Call Forwarding, Busy, Voice Messaging and Call Notify.

3) Anonymous call Rejection or Selective call Rejections

Anonymous Call Reject allows a user to reject calls from people that have restricted their caller ID. By activating the service via Horizon's web portal, callers without identification will be informed that the user isn't accepting calls at that time. The user's phone won't ring, and the user won't see or hear any indication that a call was attempted. This service, of course, doesn't apply to calls from within the business or group.

4) Auto Call Back and Busy Lamp Keys

If you call another person in your company and are busy, you can use Automatic Call Back to be notified when they're off the phone. Equally, you can have Busy Lamp Keys on your phone handset, which show you whether another user is on a call or not.

5) Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb will show you're unavailable and automatically reject attempted calls or transfers.

6) Company Directory

With Company Directory, you can assign up to 100-speed dials for your favourite numbers. Save time and avoid having to search for a popular number.

7) Call Recording

Use call recording to create audit trails and ensure compliance. Equally, you can use call recording for training purposes and quickly and easily listen back to calls that have taken place.

Mobile and flexible working

Our VoIP service gives you and your team so much flexibility to be able to work from anywhere. Enjoy features such as Call Forwarding to manage calls effectively, Home Worker to take profiles and settings home, Voicemail to email to never miss an important call, and Hot desking to move around and work from anywhere.

Best business VoIP phones

We stock a variety of Polycom and Yealink handsets that are compatible with our Horizon cloud-based VoIP service.

Poly VVX 150 Phone

The Poly VVX 150 handset is an entry-level phone suitable for handling low to moderate call volumes. The VVX 150 provides a high-quality but cost-effective solution with advanced unified communications (UC) features. With an intuitive user interface, usability and navigation are simple, with minimal training required.

Poly VVX 250 Phone

The Poly VVX 250 is a basic VoIP phone with a colour display. It's a high-quality IP phone that has four lines and provides excellent sound quality. It's ideal for office workers who need the quality features that a modern business environment demands.

With Polycom HD Voice delivering superior high definition sound quality, the VVX 250 has advanced voice processing capabilities.

Poly VVX 450 Phone

The Poly VVX 450 is a step up from the previous models featuring 12 lines and is a high-performance desk phone with a colour display. It's a high-quality IP phone that's stacked with features for today's busy business executives and upper management. It's a perfect fit for all environments, with the HD Voice delivering superior sound quality. The Polycom Acoustic Fence technology minimises background noises, echoes and distractions.

Yealink W52P Cordless

The Yealink W25P Cordless IP Phone is the perfect fit for busy small businesses that need a flexible device that can roam around an office. In our experience, the Yealink W25P is the best wireless business VoIP phone currently available, feature-rich and cost-effective, the perfect companion to our Horizon cloud-based VoIP service.

PolyTrio 8500 Conference Phone

The Poly Trio 8500 takes business conference calling to the next level. It's a sleek and sophisticated model with a full-colour screen for ease of navigation and use. With Polycom's market-leading voice quality, you can be sure that your meetings will be seamless.

Poly Trio 8800 Conference Phone

The PolyTrio 8800 is a modern business conference phone that marries excellent voice quality with video and content performance. The Polycom Trio can turn meeting rooms into a collaborative, hassle-free team working environment.

Tips when choosing a business VoIP provider

With hundreds of UK VoIP providers to choose from, it can be challenging to know their differences. In this section, we give you our top tips to consider when you're choosing your VoIP provider.

Price of business VoIP service

Prices between business VoIP providers can vary quite significantly, so it's essential to get several quotes to understand each will charge you per month.

Work out how many minutes you use approximately per month and then look to see if it's worth paying a set fee for a certain number of minutes, or would it be less expensive with a pay-as-you-go provider?

Spending an hour researching the options will ultimately save you a lot of money on calls.

Quality of business calls

You must do proper research on all of the business VoIP providers you're speaking to, check their ratings on review sites and, if possible, talk to some of their existing customers.

Business VoIP services require a significant amount of investment to keep them operational, so you need to know that you're in safe hands as a customer.

Ease of use of the VoIP platform

Some VoIP providers will provide you with complicated instructions that are difficult to follow and make using the system a real struggle. Others will install for you and be on hand to give you training on how to use the system. Look for a provider that offers you that level of customer service as you must have got a good grasp of the system.

If you're pretty technical already, this may not be too important to you, but the simpler, the better for everyone else.

Choose a business provider for the features you'll use

The functionality that business VoIP systems provide is far greater than you'd expect from a traditional phone or even a PBX system; because of that, you'll want to make sure you familiarise yourself with all of the things the cloud-based platforms you're looking at can do.

While many of these features will be included in your monthly service fee, some will attract an additional charge, so speaking to each provider to establish what it'll cost for you to use such features is essential.

Can you scale the service up and down?

VoIP allows your business to connect your staff quicker and easier than ever before, but what happens if your business grows or shrinks?

In most cases scaling a VoIP service up won't be an issue, and the provider you're working with will be more than happy to sell you another license for the platform. But what happens if you need to reduce the number of subscriptions you have? Make sure you speak to the VoIP provider about this; the last thing you will want is to be tied into a contract for a person no longer in the business.

How secure is the VoIP service?

Technology can be prone to security threats, so understand what security measures are in place to protect your VoIP calls. Can you imagine what might happen if you were, for instance, using call recording and someone got their hands on all of your recorded calls? It doesn't bear thinking about, so make sure you check with your VoIP service provider whether they support secure communications and what measures they have in place.

Customer support and reviews

As you use the hosted VoIP service, there will likely be certain things you need assistance with, so check with your provider what level of customer support they provide. The best VoIP providers will offer 24/7 technical support so look out for this.

Choice of phone numbers

The great thing with business VoIP phones is that you can have a phone number anywhere in the UK. This is great if you're running a market campaign in one city, but you're located somewhere else; all of the calls will still come through to your business phone, but you appear to be local from the customer's perspective.

Number porting

Phone number porting is the process of moving your existing phone number over to the new service. Check with your account manager or customer service that this is available before taking the service out to ensure you can keep your number.

About T2k - a UK based business VoIP provider

Based close to Bournemouth, T2K was founded over 28 years ago as a specialist business telephony provider. Today, we support hundreds of businesses and thousands of users across the UK with both hosted and onsite phone systems. Being at the forefront of the development of VoIP systems, we're perfectly placed to provide you with expert advice based on years of experience. Our customers range from small businesses right through to large multisite organisations with complex networking requirements.

UK Based Customer Service

The strength of our business comes from our customer service; we provide stability, reliability and continuity via our 100% UK based support. Most of our staff have been with us for ten years or more, which means our customers get the same excellent service from our dedicated team, time after time.

With dedicated account management, we ensure that your business receives the very best customer service available.

When you're comparing business VoIP providers, it's essential to find one that's got a track record of reliability. Ultimately the provider you choose will be your telephony partner for the foreseeable future, so you must take your time when you're speaking to the various VoIP providers.

Frequently asked questions

Is VoIP worth it for a small business?

Small businesses stand to gain significantly by switching to VoIP. Not only do you stand to make significant savings on calls, but you'll also benefit from a whole host of additional functionality.

How do I choose a VoIP provider?

Start by working out what functionality you need from your phone system, and then find a provider that'll fit your needs. Next, consider the service price; as you'll be paying a monthly fee, you must get a good deal to avoid overpaying in the long term. Finally, decide how important it is for you to have a point of contact with your chosen provider. If you're not too worried about being able to speak to someone, then you might find one of the big providers fits your needs; however, if you think you'll benefit from occasionally speaking to an account manager, then perhaps a smaller company such as T2k would best suit you.

Do I need a provider for VoIP?

Yes, in 99% of cases, you'll need a provider if you want a VoIP phone service. A small number of technology companies, such as those in IT, might be able to set up a system using free software and SIP trunks, but they tend to be few and far between.

What's better VoIP or landline?

VoIP is better; it gives you far more features, and considering that BT's PSTN telephone lines (landlines) will be switched off in 2025, the question is relatively academic.

How do I set up a VoIP phone system for a small business?

Contact a business VoIP provider such as ourselves who will help you set up a hosted VoIP phone system.