Terms and Conditions

T2K will:

  1. Make all reasonable efforts to provide reliable and high quality Network Services at the Location;
  2. Use our reasonable endeavours to correct any failure in Network Services at the location;
  3. Where the associated call routing equipment is directly supported by T2K, answer operational enquiries via the Customer Support Centre on 0870 880 2012
  4. Where you have ordered specific telephone numbers as part of the Network Services and pursuant to an order, notify you of the telephone number(s) allocated to you and may provide the specific telephone numbers requested by you, but is under no obligation to do so;
  5. Send you an invoice monthly. The charges will be calculated according to the prices applicable at the time Network Services were used;
  6. Give you one month’s prior notice of any increases in prices. Notices of decreases in prices will be included with your next invoice;
  7. At its sole discretion collect data and prepare reports about your use of the Network Services.
  8. Will record inbound and outbound calls to any of our office's telephone numbers for training and monitoring purposes.

You, our customer, will:

  1. Not use, or allow anyone to use, Network Services in a manner or for a purpose which is unlawful, fraudulent, defamatory or offensive or in a manner which may cause damage to T2K. You will be liable to us for any loss that we suffer as a result of such use;
  2. Not have and will not permit any third party to acquire any trade name right in any telephone number that T2K allocates to you, or any trade name right that may develop in any telephone number allocated to you;
  3. Pay the full amount and any taxes such as VAT which are payable by you in respect of Network Services as shown on each invoice, by the Due Date;
  4. Notify your call routing equipment maintainer as soon as you become aware of any fault in the Network Services;
  5. Notify us if you wish to change your invoice address;
  6. Comply with and be responsible for ensuring that all others who use any Network Services provided under this Agreement comply with this Agreement and any reasonable directions we give you relating to the use of Network Services.

You Agree With T2K That:

  1. T2K may re-program your Equipment to enable us to provide Network Services;
  2. You will not modify the relevant programming but should you do so, T2K will not be liable for consequential loss, loss of savings or excess charges, including charges to rectify the programming;
  3. You will give or procure for T2K access (including remote access) to the Location necessary for T2K to inspect, install, connect, maintain and repair faults at all reasonable times and shall provide such reasonable assistance as T2K may request;
  4. It is your responsibility (and not ours) to ensure that your equipment is in working order so as to enable the provision of Network Services.  We cannot accept any liability for any failure or fault in your equipment that result in T2K being unable to provide Network Services except where equipment is covered by a maintenance and/or support agreement with T2K.  Otherwise T2K  may make charges (at published rates) for time spent diagnosing problems not emanating from Network Services;
  5. T2K cannot accept any liability for Calls being routed over the T2K Network that are not authorised by you;
  6. Telephone numbers allocated to you by T2K and all rights in those numbers belong to T2K’s Network Carrier and that you shall not sell or transfer, or attempt to sell or transfer, any such telephone number to a third party, save that you are permitted to port a telephone number to another licensed operator in accordance with T2K’s policy on number portability, and any obligations of T2K’s Network Carrier under its telecommunications licence or its contractual arrangements with other licensed telecommunications operators;
  7. T2K may change a telephone number giving you as much notice as reasonably practicable where it is necessary for T2K or its Network Carrier to comply with any law or obligation or it is necessary for operational reasons.
  8. T2K UK landline and Mobile bundles (if selected) do not charge for calls to 01, 02, and 03 numbers or to UK mobile networks - 02, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and 3.
  9. This offering will be subject to the following conditions, applied against the user's related T2K account:
  10. The total number of calls per user from an endpoint shall not exceed 2,000 minutes per month to 01/02/03 terminations and shall not exceed 2,000 minutes per month to mobile destinations.  Any users exceeding that limit will be subject to a per minute price for the total volume of calls per user account according to the existing IP rate card currently associated with the account.  In addition calls to numbers beginning 03 shall not exceed 15% of the total calls to geographic numbers for that user.


  1. Payment is due by Direct Debit within 30 days of invoice date.
  2. If you have problems paying by the Due Date you should call the Customer Support Centre. If payment is not received by T2K in full by the Due Date we may, at any time after that date and without prejudicing our right to terminate this Agreement, prevent you making further use of Network Services.
  3. T2K may charge interest calculated daily, at a rate of 3% above the then current base rate of Lloyds Bank plc. on any amount you fail to pay by the Due Date whether before judgement or after until T2K receives payment of that amount.  You agree to pay any fees or expenses reasonably incurred by T2K in collecting or attempting to collect any amount owed by you.