Introduction to the Gamma Horizon phone system

Gamma's Horizon phone system is a cloud-hosted VoIP platform that provides businesses with extensive communications functionality and features.

Gamma Horizon, a replacement to traditional business telephone systems, are is hosted in the cloud rather than on your site. Unlike many international players in the VoIP market, such as RingCentral, Zoom, Microsoft and so on, Gamma provides its Horizon service through a network of specialist partners. The benefits of this are numerous, but probably most importantly, by purchasing through a smaller partner, you get a much better customer support experience from people that know you and your business.

Gamma Horizon Pricing Guide
Gamma Horizon usually costs between £9.95 and £22.95 per user per month

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As an independent telecoms company, we're continually looking for the best tech for our customers and regularly review the latest products coming to market. When we find a product, we think we can put our name to, recommend it and provide it to our customers. In another recent post, we've reviewed Gamma Horizon, so you can see why we believe it's an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes in the UK.

Gamma Horizon Pricing

Please bear in mind that the pricing provided in this section is indicative and is only meant to illustrate the cost of Gamma Horizon. The price you pay will always be based on your specific feature and device requirements.

Generous Call Bundle 1
Voicemail To Email
Auto Attendant
Hunt Groups
Desktop Soft Client
VoIP Handsets 2
Mobile Apps
Call Recording
VoIP Numbers
Pro Music-On-Hold 3
CRM & Outlook Integration
Collaborate Unified Comms
Fully Managed Install
Per User Per Month

1 2000 landline & 2000 mobile minutes per user per month
2 Poly VVX450 or Yealink W52P Cordless handsets, other handsets, headsets and conference also available
3 Professionally recorded music-on-hold to deliver a bespoke message to callers
All pricing excludes VAT at 20%

What's included?

Ok, so we've given you an overview of the pricing you can expect with Gamma Horizon, but let's now take a quick look at the features, including those included as standard and those that are supplementary.

Standard features

Gamma Horizon is packed full of features and comes with generous free call allowances, even if you opt for the Standard product. Here is a summary of what you will get:

  • Generous free call allowance - 2000 free landline and 2000 free mobile minutes per person per month (the same for all Horizon plans).
  • Voicemail to email - get notifications and voice messages sent directly to your inbox.
  • Hunt groups - create groups of people that share a similar role and make their phones ring at the same time when calls come in.
  • Auto-attendant - efficiently route incoming calls to the correct destination.
  • Out of hours routing - dictate what happens to calls based on the time received.
  • New VoIP numbers - unlimited VoIP numbers, both geographic and non-geographic (subject to fair usage policy).
  • Bring your numbers with you - port existing numbers to Gamma for free.
  • Music-on-hold - Record and upload your own messages or play music to incoming callers while they wait.
  • Fully managed installed - your system will be set up based on your specific requirements.
  • On-going technical support - our 5* rated team are on hand to support you whenever you need help.
  • PC and Mac soft clients - make calls from your computer removing the need for a physical desk phone.
  • Easy to use admin portal - simple for administrators to make changes.
  • Resilient UK hosting - hosted in multiple UK based datacentres for reliability.

Pro and additional features

Pro, Integrated and Unified packages include all of the standard features, plus:

  • Free VoIP handsets - models dependent on current availability.
  • Mobile apps - soft clients for your mobile devices so you can take calls anywhere. (Integrated and Unified packages)
  • CRM and Outlook Integration - (Integrated and Unified packages)
  • Call Recording - (Integrated and Unified packages)
  • Pro Music-On-Hold - professionally recorded on-hold marketing messages. (Unified package only)
  • Horizon Collaborate - Unified Communications for Gamma Horizon. (Unified package only)

Building a bespoke package

The great thing about Gamma and its Horizon platform is that you can quickly build a bespoke package based on your requirements. While we have shared some example pricing, that's precisely what it is, and you can mix and match features in all of the packages we've mentioned to build something perfect for your business.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Gamma Horizon cost?

Gamma Horizon typically will cost between £9.95 and £22.95 per user per month, depending on the features and functionality your business requires.

Is there an installation fee for Gamma Horizon?

There isn't usually an installation fee for Gamma Horizon; even if you opt for handsets and other physical hardware, it's built into the subscription costs.

How many free minutes are included with Gamma Horizon?

Gamma Horizon includes 2000 free UK landlines and 2000 free mobile minutes per person per month. This allowance is pooled between people, so if you have a team of five using Horizon, you'll have a pool of 10,000 free landline minutes and 10,000 free mobile minutes each month.

Do I need an internet connection for Gamma Horizon?

Yes, an internet connection is a prerequisite for Gamma Horizon, as it will be for any VoIP phone system.

Where can I buy Gamma Horizon?

Gamma provides its Horizon platform through a network of specialist business VoIP providers in the UK, like us here at T2k.