Call recording gives a business the ability to record voice conversations that happen through the company's phone system. Typically used for compliance or employee training purposes, active calls, including internal calls and conference calls, can be recorded and listened back to at a later stage. Today, most if not all of the best business VoIP services will include call recording, so you're somewhat spoilt for choice.

Why record your business calls?

The ability to listen back to calls provides a variety of business benefits:

Employee training

Call recording gives a business the ability to listen back to calls made and received by employees for training purposes. This allows the business to highlight examples of great performance, along with showing where that individual might need additional support or direction.

Quality service

If you knew that someone was listening to your every word, you're more likely to conduct yourself professionally. In the same way, call recordings encourage employees to remain professional, even if a customer is being hostile.

Dispute resolution

VoIP call recording provider you with an accurate record of conversations between your employees and customers, which can then be used to help settle disputes and disagreements.

Industry compliance

Many businesses, especially those in financial services, need to record calls for regulatory compliance such as for MiFID II.

How does call recording work?

T2k's business VoIP call recording service has been developed specifically for our hosted VoIP platform Gamma Horizon and is available as a bolt-on service on a per-user/per month basis. Managed through a web portal, our platform allows users to record inbound and outbound calls for a variety of purposes.

Call recording used for employee training
Call recording is often used to coach and train employees.

What information is captured when you record a call?

In addition to the actual content of the call, there is a variety of additional metadata which will be collected including:

  • Call direction - inbound or outbound
  • Connect time - the date and time the call was made/received
  • Telephony username - the username or the user/device
  • User number - the user's telephone number
  • Other party's number - the phone number of the person who was in the call
  • Status - showing either 'Available' or 'Processing' depending on whether the call is available to listen to

Call recording screenshot
Screenshot of information captured

Call audit trail

In the 'History Tab' within the platform, an audit of user activity performed with the recording is kept. It's here you'll find details of who's accessed the recording and when including key information such as their IP address.

Call recording audit trail
Call recording audit trail

Searching for recordings

To allow for the ease of finding calls, T2k's VoIP call recorder allows you to search for calls with any combination of a number of metadata fields:

  • Date
  • Time of day
  • Duration
  • User's phone number
  • Other party's phone number
  • Direction of the call
  • User
Search for call recordings
Search for call recordings

MiFID II and BS10008 Compliance

MiFID II is regulation which applies to businesses and persons offering financial advice and transactions. It mandates that all calls relating to financial advice or subsequent transactions have to be recorded and stored for a period of up to 7 years.

T2k's VoIP call recorder is both MiFID II and BS10008 compliant, meaning recordings are admissible in a UK court of law. In addition to this, T2k's platform is ISO270001 compliant, ISO22301 compliant and Cyber Essentials certified.

Compliance logos

Features of T2k's VoIP call recorder

T2ks business call recorder is packed full of useful features which make collection, management and retention of calls a breeze.

MiFID II Compliant

As we've already pointed out, T2k's cloud-based call recorder is MiFID II compliant, so it's the perfect fit for anyone working in financial services that is required to record their calls from a compliance perspective.

Record calls at a user level, not a number

Call recording is set up for a user, so a user with multiple telephone numbers will have all of their calls recorded under a single subscription.

Full encryption and secure storage

Call recordings are stored using AES-256 bit encryption in our private datacentres. No is hardware installed on-site, everything is hosted securely in the cloud.

Choose your retention period

The retention period is the amount of time T2k will store your call recordings in the cloud, starting on the day the call is made. Choose from:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 36 months
  • 60 months
  • 72 months

At the end of the retention period, calls will be automatically deleted.

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Call recording modes

T2k's business VoIP recording service allows administrators to set when calls should and shouldn't be recorded at a user level. Options include:

  • Always: all calls are automatically recorded.
  • Pause/Resume: all calls are automatically recorded, however, the user can pause and resume recording.
  • On-Demand: all calls are recorded from the beginning but only those which the user chooses to keep will be saved in the platform.
  • On-Demand with User Initiated Start: calls only are recorded if a user triggers it.
  • Never: none of the user's calls will be recorded.

Permissions-based access to recordings

With multi-level access permissions, which are configurable by the global administrator, you can control which users have access to each recording.

Dashboard of recordings with advanced search

A web-based dashboard with advanced search functionality allows you to find calls using a combination of metadata, such as user, time and date, destination telephone number and more.

Full audit log

All user interaction within the portal is audited and downloadable, so you can see exactly who has listed to which calls and when.

Playback in browser

Fast playback in all major browsers with adjustable speeds and no need to install any plugins.

Individual and bulk download of calls

Quickly and easily download single or multiple calls in MP3 format. For example, choose to download all calls within a set time range, or for a particular user.

About T2k

T2k delivers a high-quality service to thousands of people every day. All of our team are based in the UK and we pride ourselves on providing a personal service to every customer we work with. To speak to a VoIP expert about your requirements, please get in touch.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you record calls on VoIP?

Yes, with most business VoIP services, you can record inbound and outbound calls. T2k's Horizon VoIP service lets administrators choose which calls are recorded and which aren't, with several options to choose such as:

  • Always Record - calls are automatically recorded
  • Pause/Resume - give your users the ability to pause recording when required.
  • On-Demand - calls are recorded from the beginning, but only those the user wishes to keep will be stored.
  • User-initiated - the user will need to start call recording; it won't happen automatically.
  • Never - calls won't be recorded.

Are VoIP calls automatically recorded?

No, VoIP calls will only be automatically recorded if your system administrator has chosen that to happen. By default, calls using our Horizon VoIP service aren't recorded, and the person looking after the system will need to enable it.

How do I record a VoIP call?

Within our Horizon platform, your system administrator will first need to enable recording. Once enabled, calls will be recorded automatically, or you will be given the ability to record individual calls manually.

Why are calls recorded?

Businesses record calls for several reasons, but primarily they are to allow for compliance with legislation where the company provides financial advice or products. Call recording isn't limited to financial services companies, though, with many companies now adopting it from a training perspective, ensuring that client communications are to a high standard.

How do I record a softphone call?

If your system admin has enabled automatic call recording, your softphone calls will be recorded without you needing to do anything. 

If they choose for user-initiated recording, you'll need to actively press a button on your softphones interface to start recording the call.

Can you record wifi calling?

If you are using a hosted PBX service like ours, you can record wifi calls. 

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