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18 professional voicemail greetings + examples for businesses

To ensure the best possible service for your business, you must have a professional voicemail so customers understand the next steps. Need help crafting the perfect voicemail? We’ve created 18 voicemail templates that include all you need to maintain high-level service.

VoIP for healthcare businesses: The complete guide for VoIP in the healthcare industry

Your healthcare business relies on a dependable communication system. If your current system falls short and you seek a solution that meets growing demands to uphold exceptional patient service, consider upgrading to an advanced phone system. This guide outlines how VoIP enhances healthcare operations, detailing its benefits and essential features.

7 frequently asked questions about leased lines

Looking for answers to your leased line questions? In this comprehensive blog, we cover seven frequently asked questions about leased lines that we receive at T2k. Read on to learn about its benefits, features and how it can transform your business connectivity.

8 signs your business is ready for VoIP

Do you notice that your traditional phone system doesn't cut it anymore? If you're seeking ways to drive your business forward, we've compiled a list of eight signs indicating that it's time to switch to VoIP and enhance your communication strategy.

VoIP for hospitality businesses: The complete guide for VoIP in the hospitality industry

As a business in the hospitality sector, you depend on a reliable phone system to ensure excellent customer service and smooth operations. This guide explains how VoIP can help level up your hospitality business' communications by explaining the benefits and the must-have features.

How will VoIP benefit my small business?

Is your small business thinking about upgrading to VoIP but wondering whether it will benefit your business? This blog highlights why VoIP is excellent for small companies, the features you’ll need, and the various phone system options to consider.

How will VoIP help grow my business?

VoIP can be an invaluable tool to help scale your business. That's because it can help your company reduce costs, stay connected with your team and streamline operations. In the following blog, find out more about how your company can grow by implementing VoIP into your communications.

9 common VoIP misconceptions debunked

Misconceptions often cast shadows of doubt on technologies like VoIP. These myths talk of unreliability and costliness can obscure the true potential of VoIP. However, we're here to dispel these misconceptions and give insight into the reality of VoIP's cost-effectiveness and reliability. Find out more in this blog.