How to use Call Notify by email in Gamma Horizon

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about Call Notify by Email in your Gamma Horizon small business phone system.

Call Notify by Email enables a user to define criteria that cause certain incoming calls to trigger an email notification. If an incoming call meets user-specified criteria, an email is sent to the notify address informing the user of the details of the incoming call attempt. A criteria set is based on incoming calling line identity, time of day and day of the week. Multiple criteria sets can be defined.  

Turn Call Notify by Email On/Off 

Step 1 

Log into the Gamma Portal and go to Provisioning and Service Management, Hosted, Horizon and Horizon Manage Company. 

Step 2 

Select your account and log in to the company you want by using the Actions button to select Login to Horizon

Step 3 

Go to Users and List Users and locate the user that you want to set up Call Notify by Email for and then click the Edit button. 

Step 4 

Click the Call Setup tab, and then under Incoming Calls, select Call Notify under the Advanced option in Incoming Calls. 

Call Notify

Step 5

 From here, you can switch Call Notify by Email on or off. 

If you select On, you'll get some more options. You should enter your email address into the Notify Email text box. 

Note: You can change the email address that gets the notifications at any time by editing the Notify Email text box and clicking Save

If you want it to notify you at certain times, you can set up a Schedules and select this by using the "Use call notify on this VoIP Phone number only when I'm available". 

If you want to be notified by email of a call from a certain number(s) within your directory, you can do this as well by selecting Notify me only for these numbers and using the textbox and the Add button, or you can search your directory by clicking the directory icon.