How to use Automatic Call Back in Gamma Horizon

This guide explains everything you need to know about the Automatic Call Back feature in Gamma Horizon

Automatic Call Back

If you call another Horizon user within your Company and are busy, Automatic Call back allows you to be notified when they are off the phone. 

Once the Automatic Call Back feature is enabled, when you call an internal extension [1234 for example], and it's busy - you will hear an announcement: 

"The line you are calling is busy. Please press 1 if you would like to be notified when the line becomes available" 

Press 1 on the phones keypad to activate this. You will then hear the following announcement: 

"The line will be monitored for 30 minutes; you will be notified by a special ringtone when the line becomes available." 

Once the internal extension becomes available, you will shortly get a call back to your phone number - the calling number will be the extension you originally contacted [the ring tone will be different from your standard one, - you cannot amend this] when you answer you will get a message: 

"Call back to [dialled extension, e.g. 1234], in progress, hang-up to cancel call-back. Press any key or hold the line to proceed with call-back." 

Your phone will then ring the originally dialled extension [1234 in this example] 


  • Menu Access: #9
  • Deactivate #8

Setup Automatic Call Back for a User 

Automatic Call Back can only be set up by a Company Administrator. 

Step 1 

Log into the Gamma Portal and go to Provisioning and Service Management, Hosted, Horizon and Horizon Manage Company. 

Step 2 

Select your account and locate the Company that you want to set up Automatic Call Back by using the Actions button, then select Login to Horizon

Step 3 

Go to Users and List Users and locate the user that you want to add Automatic Call Back for, and then click the Edit button.

User Edit

Step 4 

Select the Call Setup tab and then click Settings under the Outgoing Calls tab. From here, you can turn Automatic Call Back on or off. Click Apply to save your changes. 

Outgoing Call Settings

Under the Administration tab of the GUI, there will be two new menu options for a Company Administrator to use. When setting up a new company, you will create a set of 1 and 2 digit speed dials and then copy those details to one, some or all the users within the organisation. We recommend that all users are created before using this service. 

When an Administrator accesses the Administration menu, they will be presented with two new options 

  • Bulk Speed Dial - option create speeds dial and apply to multiple users 
  • Bulk Upload History - Historical log of an Administrators changes 
Bulk Speed Dial and Upload History

To create a new speed dial list, select Administration>Bulk Speed Dial, and you'll then be presented with the following screen, where you can add the 1 and 2 digit speed dials to a group of users by toggling between the 1 and 2 Digit Dialling tabs.

Bulk Speed Dial


Search icon:

Search Icon

Delete icon:

Delete Icon

Continue icon:

Continue icon

Enter the speed dial details freehand or select from the business phone system's Company directory by clicking the [Search icon], then search for the user details you wish to add. To delete a row, hit the [Delete icon]

Bulk Speed Dial

Once you are happy that you have correctly created the speed dials, hit the [Continue icon], after which you will be presented with the option to either 'Update all users' or 'select users to update'. 

By selecting all users then finish and save will add the speed dials to all users. 

All User Speed Dial

If you want to add to specific users, then click select user to update then you will be presented with the below screen where you can select the users you wish to apply the list(s) to, simply check the box and click the +Add selected button, to apply the speed dial lists to the selected user(s) now select the Finish and save option. 

Select User To Update

You'll be asked to acknowledge the following implication, after which the speed dials will be created against the selected users. 

Warning Bulk Speed Dial

The service has been designed to assist with the initial set up of the Company and isn't suitable for the ongoing management of a company's speed dial list, as it: 

  • Doesn't retain any record of previously provisioned speed dial phone numbers
  • Will overwrite the personal amendments made by a user. 
  • Will delete records where a blank is left, basically meaning you cannot bulk update a single entry. 

The Bulk Upload History tab will show the event type, who requested the change, the status, and when it was completed as an audit log of activity. 

Bulk Upload History