How to forward calls using Cisco 8841, 8851 and 8861 phones

Here, we explain in short how to forward calls using the Cisco 8841, 8851 and 8861 IP phones.

Forward Calls 


Forward all icon:

Forward all icon

You can forward calls from any line on your phone to another number. Call forward is phone-line specific. If a call reaches you on a line where call forwarding is not enabled, the call rings as usual. 

There are two ways of forwarding your calls: 

  • Forward all calls 
  • Forward calls in special situations, such as when the phone is busy, or there is no answer. 

When a line is forwarded, you see the [Forward all icon] with the line. 

To forward calls:

  1. When the line to be forwarded is inactive, press [Forward all icon].
  2. Enter the call forward target number exactly as you would dial it from your phone, or select an entry from your list of recent calls.