Calling from the dialer on Polycom VVX-400 series phones

In this guide we explain how to make calls using the dialler on Polycom VVX-400 Series Phones.


Headset Button
Headset Button
Speakerphone Button
Speakerphone Button

The Dialer displays a list of previously-placed calls. Select one of the entries to automatically
enter it. Or, start entering a number. As you enter numbers, the Dialer displays a list of similar numbers.

Use the up and down arrow keys to select a match and automatically enter it.

To display the Dialer, do one of the following:

  • From Home view, select New Call.
  • From Lines or Calls view, press New Call. (The New Call soft key won’t display if you have an active call.)
  • If your phone is idle, start entering a phone number.
  • Pick up the handset, or press [Speakerphone Button] or [Headset Button]. This method only works if you don’t have an active call.
  • In Lines view, press a line key that doesn’t have any calls.

When you access the Dialer, an active call is held.

To call from the Dialer:

  • Enter the number, and then pick up the handset, press a line key, press [Speakerphone Button], or press [Headset Button].


  • If you’re already in handset, speakerphone, or headset mode, enter the number, and press