What VoIP phone system should I choose for my business? 3CX, Gamma Horizon or Phoneline+?

Choosing the right phone system for your business can be challenging, especially with there being so many options in the market. In this blog, we explore three of our top-choice VoIP phone systems, 3CX, Gamma Horizon and Phoneline+, and help you understand which will best suit your budgetary and communication requirements.

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If you're intrigued by the world of VoIP systems as a newcomer, eager to discover more about the best options on the market or considering switching from your current setup to something better, you're in the right place. Navigating many VoIP system options can be confusing, but we're here to guide you in finding the right choice for your business. 

Phoneline+, Gamma Horizon and 3CX are three standout contenders and are all popular choices when finding the best, most feature-rich VoIP phone system on the market. But out of the three, which option would work best for your business? In this blog, we'll compare all three systems and give a detailed overview of what works best for different company types. 

Ready to discover which phone system is right for you? Let's get started.  

What is VoIP?

Before we explore our top recommendations for VoIP services available in the UK, let's briefly overview what VoIP entails and its functioning. Feel free to skip ahead if you are already up to speed on VoIP. 

So, what is VoIP, and why should you care about switching to VoIP (if you're currently a traditional phone line user)? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which simply means communicating over the internet. The process involves the conversion of voice signals into digital data packets, which are subsequently dispatched across Internet Protocol networks. When reaching out to a standard phone number, the call undergoes a conversion into a typical telephone signal before reaching its intended destination.

Why choose VoIP?

Many businesses use VoIP as it is a much simpler and cheaper solution than traditional landlines. One stand-out advantage is that VoIP offers attractive cost savings because it uses the internet to make calls, meaning international calling is cheaper and it eliminates call charges. Plus, the installation and maintenance costs are much lower. Flexibility is another great advantage, as employees can make and receive calls from various devices and locations, which improves remote work capabilities. 

VoIP also presents advanced features like call forwarding, voicemail-to-email and integration with other communication tools. Having multiple advanced communication features like these can significantly improve efficiency and customer interactions. We could go on about VoIP's benefits, but we shall leave it there. If you're looking for a more detailed overview, check out this blog: What is VoIP?

How to choose the best VoIP phone system for your business

With many options in the market, arriving at the optimal phone system for your business can quickly become a challenging decision. If you are starting out to find the best option, your primary concern is likely finding a cost-effective option that introduces you to the new technology without breaking the bank. 

However, it's essential to consider that the cheapest isn't always the best, and you need to be sure that it includes all the necessary features to keep your business running smoothly.  

Consider these factors when whittling down to your preferred choice when looking for a new VoIP phone system. Factors such as features and cost are vital points to look out for. Here is a checklist we use for our customers:  

  • What's my budget? A clear understanding of the financial resources you can allocate to your phone system is a must in streamlining your choices. Ensure you opt for a plan that aligns with your financial considerations.
  • How many users do I need to cater to? It's paramount to establish users who will necessitate access to the system. This knowledge is pivotal in selecting a package that accommodates your operator base.
  • What features are indispensable? Given the array of options available across different phone systems, you must pinpoint the essential features that will empower your team to function with maximum efficiency.
  • Can I leverage existing hardware? It's worth exploring whether your current hardware is compatible with a specific system, potentially saving you the expenditure of acquiring new equipment.
  • What's my projected call volume? Gaining insights into the expected volume of calls can serve as a determining factor in discerning the requisite number of lines necessary to meet your communication demands.

Important to note: Before you invest in any phone system, you must meticulously evaluate these factors to guarantee that you select the right option that fits all your requirements and meets your expectations to support your overall business objectives. 

What VoIP phone system should I choose for my business? 3CX, Gamma Horizon or Phoneline+? Blog by T2k the communication experts

Our top choices: Phoneline+, Gamma Horizon or 3CX

As an independent provider, we have the freedom to carefully select the phone systems and services we extend to our valued customers. Our approach involves consistently assessing the market landscape and opting to collaborate solely with the most exceptional and dependable systems accessible in the UK. 

We currently offer three prominent business phone systems that we endorse, each offering distinct advantages and applications. Phoneline+, Gamma Horizon and 3CX provide excellent solutions for various business requirements, but which would work best for you? In the following section, we're offering a comprehensive comparison so that it helps you to make an informed decision on which choice will work best for your business. 

If you are looking for assistance in pinpointing the perfect fit for your company, do not hesitate to contact us

3CX - The most flexible business phone system

3CX stands as a cutting-edge software-based VoIP phone system, celebrated for its potency, remarkable flexibility, scalability and an impressive array of rich features. 

It delivers a comprehensive Unified Communications experience, including many highly desirable features catering to businesses of varying sizes and across diverse industries. Some of the most sought-after features that 3CX seamlessly integrates into its phone system include instant messaging, video conferencing, live chat and call recording. To access the comprehensive list of features, please click here

What adds to its appeal is 3CX's open platform nature, which seamlessly aligns with popular IP phones and SIP trunks.

At the heart of 3CX lies its primary objective: ensuring seamless installation, effortless management, and hassle-free maintenance of your PBX. This system enables you to efficiently oversee its operations, whether on-premises via an appliance or server or hosted in the cloud.

If you have any questions about 3CX features, benefits or functions, please get in contact to speak to one of our advisors today. 

Who would benefit from 3CX?

If you are searching for a phone system entirely tailored to your distinct requirements, then 3CX presents a superb choice. Notably advantageous for businesses with existing hardware, 3CX enables cost savings by allowing payment solely for the software licence. This is especially valuable for enterprises seeking advanced functionalities such as call recording, call queuing and video conferencing.

With its abundant features and adaptable communication solution, 3CX proves to be a perfect fit for those aiming to enrich their organisational communication and collaborative efforts. 

What VoIP phone system should I choose for my business? 3CX, Gamma Horizon or Phoneline+? Blog by T2k the communication experts

Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon stands as an acclaimed cloud phone system. It is recognised for its excellence through awards and is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. It offers an extensive spectrum of telephony capabilities, making it a comprehensive communication solution.

A key advantage of Horizon lies in its status as a fully hosted phone system, meaning businesses will not have to invest in physical equipment or infrastructure. Instead, Gamma Horizon provides the upkeep of all required hardware and software, which lightens the load on businesses' IT departments and eliminates the necessity for intricate installations and upgrades.

What makes Gamma Horizon an attractive phone system for companies is its extensive list of features and benefits, which you can discover in more detail here. It also integrates with other business applications, including Microsoft Teams and Skype.

If you have any questions about Gamma Horizon features, benefits or functions, please get in contact to speak to one of our advisors today. 

Who would benefit from Gamma Horizon?

Gamma Horizon is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking a hosted phone system that can effectively oversee their entire communication infrastructure. If you're aiming to avoid a hefty initial investment, this phone system emerges as a strong contender, offering a subscription-based model instead of acquiring a costly asset. Also, the monthly fees are often lower than the cost of a few cups of coffee, making it an appealing choice.

With its easily scalable options, this phone system is an excellent fit for a diverse range of businesses, regardless of their size. Ultimately, it presents a compelling solution for those desiring a budget-friendly and dependable cloud-based answer that is straightforward to set up and operate.

Phoneline+ - Giving small businesses superpowers

Phoneline+ is the phone system that is designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network. Its simple-to-use service makes it a highly desirable option for businesses looking to get started with VoIP.

Phoneline+ operates under a monthly per-line pricing structure. It encompasses a complimentary virtual phone number (or you can keep your old number, the choice is yours), unrestricted calls to UK mobiles and landlines and comes with its very own desktop and smartphone apps. Should you require a desk phone, adding its cost to your chosen package is simply a matter of adding it.

When it comes down to features, Phoneline+ offers all the main components of a traditional telephone line, including voicemail, call hold, call forwarding and number withholding. 

If you have any questions about Phoneline+ features, benefits or functions, please get in contact to speak to one of our advisors today. 

Who would benefit from Phoneline+?

Businesses that would benefit from Phoneline+ the most are smaller companies with few users, looking to get the most out of their phone system. It's perfect for those searching for an easy-to-use option, as its user interface uses familiar menu structures and icons throughout. To make life easy, the most frequently used functions can be found on the home page.

If you're looking for something that is straightforward to set up, then this phone system is one to consider. Once you have signed up, PhoneLine+ is delivered immediately via email. Then, simply download the app or soft client to your device of choice. You can then immediately start managing calls and handling your communications.

Overall, if you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use phone system packed with essential features, then Phoneline+ could be the best option for your business. 

The VoIP phone system has saved us serious expenditure and has changed the way we work for the better.
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Unsure which phone system is best for your business? T2k is here to help 

If finding the right phone system is proving to be a challenge, then our agents are here to help you find the best option that fits your requirements. With our expertise and in-depth understanding of telecommunications solutions, we're here to guide you through the selection process. 

Whether you're seeking enhanced functionality, cost-effective options or seamless integration, our team will provide tailored recommendations to ensure your business's communication infrastructure is equipped. Chat with us today to start your journey toward an efficient and effective phone system that suits your unique requirements.

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