3 ways you can get more from your VoIP phone system

This post explains the three main ways you can make the most out of your phone system by implementing different features to your VoIP technology.

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VoIP phone systems are becoming an increasingly popular communication technology, and there's no wonder why. The vast benefits and capabilities of VoIP phones, including their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, make this type of phone system the perfect choice to improve business communication systems, providing that you have a suitable internet connection.

What's great about VoIP systems is that you can select many advanced features and technologies to best suit your business needs. This post explains the three main ways you can make the most out of your phone system by implementing different features to your communication systems.

How much value are you getting from your VoIP system?

Ask yourself this - is your business receiving the best value and getting the most from its VoIP phone system? Like many companies, we get wrapped in the whirlwind of this exciting new technology. Consequently, we become swept up by the wide variety of VoIP phone system features; we're unsure which parts best suit our business. Many companies get their VoIP system set up without knowing the full capabilities of how VoIP can genuinely benefit their business.

If you choose the right features when implementing VoIP, your communications system can not only make your business operations more efficient, accessible and streamlined, but they can heavily improve customer service and experience.

So, are you getting the most out of your VoIP system? Let's find out some of the top features you can implement into your phone system to ensure you make the most out of your business communication system.

1. Implement a virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist, or an auto attendant, can answer phone calls from the business's main line, communicate with callers and guide them to the appropriate staff member or department. It is a multi-level menu system that asks the customer questions, allowing the caller to connect automatically to the correct destination or department in your business. Adding a simple, minimal multi-layer menu system will ensure your customers are automatically transferred to get to the right department or person without having a receptionist do the guesswork.

For example, suppose you're a call centre with multiple departments and teams, including sales, service upgrades, customer service, complaints, etc. You could use a virtual receptionist/auto attendant in your VoIP phone systems to take care of call forwarding and transferring. This process removes the guesswork of identifying the customer's problem or query and then transferring the caller to the correct people in your business.

Using a virtual receptionist coupled with hunt groups makes multiple users' phones ring simultaneously if they're in the same team. This feature is especially beneficial to those working in the same department but in different locations and does away with the need for anyone to be picking up and forwarding calls.

A woman in a call centre taking notes

2. Use voicemail to email and voicemail transcription

Your business can quickly become overrun with voicemails that you don't have time to listen to or some that don't even make sense. That's where voicemail to email with transcription comes in to help. Voicemail to email is used to send a voicemail as a text file to one or multiple people's email boxes. Sending a voicemail straight to your inbox as text means they quickly pick up and review the message using any device used for email correspondence. By streamlining voicemail and email services, you can see your messages easier, respond faster to your customers and become more organised with your messages.

Implementing voicemail-to-email transcription in your VoIP phone system is immensely beneficial for many reasons. Who has time to intently listen to long voicemails, search for crucial information and frantically note vital points in the message? Certainly not busy employees who are too occupied working on other essential aspects of your business. Having voicemail-to-email transcription in your VoIP system will save your workers time; they will become more productive and efficient.

Not only does it save time, but it improves the accuracy of message interpretation as transcription can obtain more precision in what has been said. This is helpful for those who depend on getting messages right, such as doctor and patient communication.

If a voicemail is transcribed, it's also super simple for people to copy and paste critical elements and forward the email to others in the business.

3. Unify your communications

Are you tired and overwhelmed with having your business communications all over the place on different platforms? With Zoom to make video calls, Slack for instant messaging, Gmail for emails and your CRM to keep track of client communications. Too many communication systems in place can become overwhelming, and you're at risk of missing important messages or not picking up on crucial information.

Having multiple software and tech for your business communications is a thing of the past. It's time to unify your communications by implementing technology that takes care of that for you. VoIP systems are vital in Unified Communications; you can hook everything back into your VoIP system and minimise the amount of tech you need. Systems such as 3CX will do everything in one place, making your business communications unified, organised and more efficient.

Please speak to us about getting more out of your VoIP phone systems

Are you looking to get the most out of your VoIP system? Then speak to T2k today. T2k has been helping many businesses get the most from their telephone systems for more than 25 years. We understand systems are continually upgraded, so it's worth speaking to us annually to ensure you're still getting the most from it. Our expert advisors are here to help you find the most beneficial VoIP phone system for your company, and we're here to assist you in finding the easiest, most beneficial VoIP systems for you and your employees. For a jargon-free conversation on how VoIP can make your construction business run better, contact T2K today.

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