Yealink DECT Repeater RT20U



To achieve optimum performance for the repeater, it is important to find a good location.

  1. Hold the handset and stand near the base.
  2. Make a call, and carry the handset away from the base.
  3. Make a note where you start to hear noise on the line, which indicates the signal is getting weaker.

The optimum location for the repeater is as far from the base as possible while still maintaining a good signal, or just inside the location where the noise became noticeable.

Here are a few tips for placing repeaters:

  • Choose a raised position for both the base station and repeater wherever possible.
  • When positioning the repeater, avoid obstacles that can interfere with radio transmission such as thick wall and metal structures that may be in the coverage area between the base station and repeater.
  • Avoid interference from other electrical appliances such as micro-wave ovens, Hi-Fi equipment, computers etc.
  • Keep a minimum of 10 meters between multiple repeaters to avoid coverage area overlapping.

Note: The repeater should be used with Yealink original USB power adapter (5V/0.6A) and the USB cable only. The use of the third-party USB power adapter or USB cable may cause the damage to the repeater.


Yealink DECT repeater RT20U is designed in accordance with Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) standard. It can be deployed to extend the range of the Yealink IP DECT phone (e.g., W52P, W56P) to cover areas where reception was previously not available. All the usual handset functions are supported by the base station in the extended radio range.

The repeater, base station and cordless handset employ wireless connection. Signals are exchanged without acoustical and visual


Multiple repeaters

Up to 5 repeaters can be registered to one base station to extend available reception range for all registered handsets. All repeaters must be installed within the base station coverage area (up to 300m in unobstructed outdoor areas and up to 50m inside buildings), as shown in the figure below. It is not possible to install the repeaters in series or “daisy-chain”.

If the DECT link quality of RT20U is in excellent-to-good condition, you can register up to 5 handsets to your base station and the base station can handle a maximum of 4 calls at one time.

The repeater can be used to extend the coverage range in all directions, allowing several floors to be covered. The automatic handover process is seamless.

If the repeater is placed correctly (overlapping the coverage area of the base station), the handsets can move freely within the total coverage area while on a call.