Setting up the Horizon GUI or portal

In this guide we explain how you set up the Horizon GUI or portal.

As the company administrator setting up the Horizon system can be a sizeable task if a clear indication of what is required is not provided. Below we have provided a list and hierarchy of how you should establish your Horizon system:

Company Administration

The ability to define for the company the call profiles, service options, company portal, and company voice portal amongst other key information and options.

Site Management

The ability to define per site the main site DDI, and additional key information such as Schedules, Music on Hold, and Call Barring.

User Management

The ability to create users of the system and assign them a phone to activate the devices supplied. You can also assign a telephone number, decide on any call barring, and give them optional services such as Voicemail, controlled from the system login provided.

Group Management

The ability to manage incoming calls and present a profile image for you company using Auto Attendants and Hunt Groups.