Setting up schedules on a Gamma Horizon phone system

This post explains how you can set up call schedules within your Gamma Horizon VoIP telephone system.

How to set up a schedule:

  1. Once in the Horizon GUI, select "Site Management".
  2. Select the site which is to have the schedule.
  3. Select "Schedules"
  4. You always create your schedules as "Open", so make sure that the "Open Hours" tab is selected and click "+ Add".
  5. Name the Schedule something memorable. The schedule needs to be set to "Open", even if you are setting up a schedule for outside of business hours.
  6. Select the color you would like to assign to the schedule for appearing on the calendar.
  7. Click "+ Create".

Now you can Add Events to the schedule, therefore building the schedule.

Building  the events:

  1. Name the event and if the event is all day, then keep this ticked.
  2. If it is between two times, untick the All Day Event option and this will give you extra options under the Start and End Date fields which allows you to set the time.
  3. Select how often you want the event to occur.
  4. Click create.

Please note the following when creating a schedule:

  • An All Day Event is from 00:00 until 23:59 on the selected day.
  • To define hours (such as office hours), untick the "All Day Event" box and define the time. Also, select the "Weekly" option and tick all the days you wish to have selected.
  • It is recommended if you want an out of hours’ schedule - select all days apart from Saturday, as Monday morning would need to be covered.