Polycom VVX450 Phone Diagram

This is the layout of the Polycom VVX 450 IP Phone:

Polycom VVX 450 Layout Diagram

1 - Line keys

Enable you to select a phone line, view calls on a line, or quickly call a favourite contact.

2 - Reversible tab

Secures the handset in the cradle when your phone stand is positioned at a high angle. To secure the handset, remove the tab, reverse it so the protrusion points up, and re-insert it. Position the handset so the protrusion on the tab fits into the slot on the handset.

3 – Speaker

Provides ringer and speakerphone audio output.

4 - Back key 

Enables you to return to the previous screen. 

5 - Transfer key 

Transfers an active call to a contact. 

6 - Messages key 

Enables you to access and manage instant and voice messages. 

7 - Hold key 

Holds an active call or resumes a held call. 

8 - Volume keys 

Adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer. 

9 - Dial pad

Enables you to enter numbers, letters, and special characters. You can also use the dial pad keys to select menu items that have index numbers. 

10 - Mute key

Mutes local audio during calls and conferences. 

11 - Speakerphone key

Enables you to place and receive calls using the speakerphone. 

12 - Headset key

Enables you to place and receive calls through a headset.

13 -  USB Port

Enables you to attach a USB flash drive or USB headset. 

14 - Home key

Displays the Home screen from other screens and displays the Lines and Calls screen from the Home screen. 

15 – Navigation keys / Select key

Scrolls through information or options displayed on the phone's screen. Selects a field of displayed data. 

16  - Soft keys

Enable you to select context sensitive keys that display along the bottom of the screen. 

17 – Security slot (on back)

Enables you to attach a universal security cable lock to your phone so you can secure it to a desktop. 

18 - Screen

Shows a 10.9 cm (4.3 in) color display with a backlight that enables you to view menu options and data. 

19 - Message Waiting Indicator

Flashes red to indicate when you have new messages.