Managing numbers in your Gamma Horizon account

This post explains how your can manage your VoIP phone numbers in your Gamma Horizon account.

Manage Numbers’ allows you to see all the numbers that are allocated to that site and see whether they are free or being used by a user or service. This allows you to release any numbers, which are assigned to that site, and then you can reassign them to another site. Numbers are displayed as either a range of numbers or individual numbers and you can choose to either release the full range or select number individually.

Releasing a number:

  1. To release a number, you click on ‘release selected’, or ‘release all’ depending on which option you want.
  2. If you click release all it will simply release all numbers for reallocation.
  3. If you click on release selected, you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked to select which numbers you want to select.
  4. Once you have selected all the numbers you click on release and then all the numbers will be available to reallocate to a new site.

Assigning a number:

The home page will display all available numbers your company has, showing them as a range or individual numbers.

  1. To assign a number to a site click on “Assign”.
  2. If you select a range it will give you the option of assigning all the numbers in that range or select individual numbers in that range.
  3. If you select a single number, it will ask you what site you want to assign that number to.
  4. Once you have selected all numbers you want to assign to a site click “Assign” and then the numbers will be free to use for any user or service that has the site allocated.