Managing multiple calls with the Polycom VVX-310 phone

In this short guide, we’ll explain how to manage multiple calls on your Polycom VVX-310 SIP and VoIP Phone when connected to a company VoIP system.


Home Key

Home Key

You can easily manage multiple calls from the Lines and Calls view.

Calls view displays all the calls for each phone line, as shown next—all the calls for a phone line display under the associated phone line. Scroll up or down to see all your lines and calls. To switch to Lines view, press More, and then Lines or press [Home Key].

Lines view

Lines view shows you each line on your phone and how many calls each line has, as shown next. In the example below, line 2326 has one active call, and line 2327 has one held call.

Calls view

If you press a line key that doesn’t have an active call, the most recent call on that line will become active. The current call will be held. To manage a call, use the up and down keys to highlight it. Then, press one of the soft keys to hold, resume, end, or transfer the highlighted call or set up a conference with the highlighted call.