Listening to voicemail on your Polycom VVX-310 desk phone

In this short guide we’ll explain how to listen to voicemail on your Polycom VVX-310 business VoIP phone..

Your phone may indicate new voicemail messages by the following:

  • A message in the status bar, as shown next. The message indicates the number of new messages you have. The count is a total of all messages on all lines on the phone.
Status bar
  • A flashing Message Waiting Indicator, located at the top-right of your phone.
  • An audible alert (if your phone is on-hook).

To listen to voicemail messages:


Message Key:

Message key
  1. Press [Message Key] and select Message Center or from Home view, select Messages, and select Message Center.
  2. From the Messages screen, press Connect and follow the prompts.