How to upgrade your Yealink W52P handset firmware

In this short post we explain how you can upgrade your Yealink W52P handset firmware.

When the handset registers to the base station, it will check if there is any new handset firmware. If the handset is placed on the charger cradle and a new firmware is available then the handset will automatically update.

In case that the handset is not placed in the charger cradle then a message will be displayed on the screen to inform you that there is a new firmware available. In order for the handset to start the upgrading process you have to confirm by pressing the “Upgrade” soft key.

Note: To double check that your handset is using the latest firmware, go to the Main MenuSettingsUpgrade FirmwareUpgrade

On the Firmware releases section you can find the base station FW and the handset FW which corresponds to each base station FW.

Please note: The batteries in the handset are not covered under manufactures warranty. These are standard AAA batteries. In the unlikely event you encounter any issues with the handset holding charge, we recommend you try alternate batteries.