How to set up call parking on a Gamma Horizon phone system

This post explains how to set up call parking on your Gamma Horizon telephone system.

To set up call parking on your Gamma Horizon phone system, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over Call Groups option in the menu and select "Call Parking".
  2. Alternatively, you can click on "Call Groups" and then select the "Call Parking" button.
  3. Click "Add".
  4. Type in the name of the Call Parking group and select the site which you wish to do this against.

Call parking by site only:

  1. Once you've selected the site, the "Select Users" table will auto-populate all the users listed against that site. Select the users you wish to have access to Call Park and then click "Add Selected".
  2. Click "Create".
  3. You'll get a message to confirm if the Call Parking group has been created successfully or not. If it has, it will tell you that you have "x" amount of subscriptions remaining.