How to check and access voicemail on Cisco 8841, 8851 and 8861 phones

In this article we explain how to check and access voicemail using Cisco 8800 series business VoIP phones.

Check for New Voice Messages

To find out if you have new voicemail messages, look for one of these signs:

  • The light strip on your handset is solid red.
  • The number of missed calls and voicemail messages is displayed on your screen. If you have more than 99 new messages, a plus (+) sign is displayed. 

You will also hear a stutter tone played from your handset, headset, or speakerphone when using a business phone line. This stutter tone is line-specific. You only hear it when you use a line that has voice messages. 

Access Voicemail




To access voicemail

  1. If you have more than line, press the appropriate line key. 
  2. Press Messages
  3. Follow the voice prompts. 

Access Audio Voicemail

Depending upon how your administrator has set up your phone, you can retrieve your voicemail without viewing a list of messages. This option is useful if you prefer a list of voicemail messages, but you occasionally access your messages without visual prompts. 

To access audio voicemail:

  1. On the screen, press the Audio soft key. 
  2. When prompted, enter the voicemail credentials.