Change how incoming calls are managed on the Gamma Horizon PC softphone

This short guide will explain how to change how incoming calls are managed on the Gamma Horizon PC softphone that connects to your small business VoIP phone system.

Your incoming call settings are available under the Settings tab and then selecting Incoming Calls from the down drop.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb (DND) allows you to turn off call notifications to all your Horizon devices and clients whilst enabled.

When you have enabled this setting, all calls will be sent to whatever call treatment you have set up for "Call Busy". To confirm what this is, you should speak to your Company Administrator.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Any calls made by someone who is withholding their number will be blocked from reaching you. You will not receive any notification that a call has been attempted.

Call Forwarding

You can set your calls to forward to another telephone number, depending on which setting you have activated. The options are:

  • Always - calls will always be forwarded to another telephone number that you have defined.
  • When Busy - this will send calls to another number if you are on a call and cannot answer the phone.
  • When No Answer - this will send calls to another number after a defined number of rings
  • When Not Reachable - this will send calls to another number if you are not logged into any Horizon client and don't have a handset assigned to you.

Remote Office

Remote Office allows you to use their home phone, mobile phone or even a hotel phone as their business phone. Using the click to dial functionality from Horizon Portal, a user can make phone calls from this remote phone and billed to the Horizon Company. This service also directs all calls coming to your business phone to ring the remote office phone.

When the service is active, incoming calls to the user are redirected to their remote phone number and are subject to the user's terminating services.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting allows you to receive multiple calls at the same time. If you are on a call and you receive another call, it will display on your screen, and you'll also hear a beeping noise in the headset or speaker. You can receive up to 3 external calls.


Twinning allows you to ring up to 5 other numbers at the same time when you receive a call. This could be a home office or another mobile phone. If numbers have been set up already by your Company Administrator, these will appear in the list here.