18 professional voicemail greetings and examples for businesses

To ensure the best possible service for your business, you must have a professional voicemail so customers understand the next steps. Need help crafting the perfect voicemail? We’ve created 18 voicemail templates that include all you need to maintain high-level service.

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When your staff is unavailable, or your office is closed, you still want to ensure that your customers receive the best possible service. Despite efforts to manage call answering, peak hours may still leave operators unreachable at times.

Maintaining excellent client service starts with having a simple message at the end of a call when your team cannot reach the phone. This voicemail system should share a warm welcome greeting with alternative methods of contacting your business and encouraging callers to leave a message, among other essential elements, which we will explore later in this blog. 

But you may be thinking - "I already have a voicemail message", but ask yourself this - When was the last time you updated it? A month ago? A year? Perhaps it's been untouched for over five years? It's crucial to regularly update your voicemail to match current business operations, something that we will explore in more depth later. 

Let's explore the essential components of an effective voicemail message, along with 18 templates tailored for various occasions, departments, and situations to help you craft the perfect voicemail greeting.

What is a good voicemail greeting for business?

A good business voicemail should be short, sweet, to the point and should be no longer than a few sentences. The tone and points to include in the voicemail can depend on your industry and situation, but it needs to reflect your business values and what your customers should expect when dealing with your company. 

No matter what industry you lie within, your voicemail message needs to inform the caller about who they have reached and why the business is unavailable for contact. A good voicemail should predict why the person is calling and answer frequently asked questions within a few short sentences. It should also include alternative methods for contacting the company with apologies for being unable to reach the phone. 

What should I include in a voicemail greeting?

Let's explain in a bit more detail about what you should include in your business voicemail. Crafting the right message holds significant importance, so you need to make sure that you follow some rules when writing your voicemail message. Constructing a balance between conciseness and warmth is key - so you can ensure that it's easily digestible and inviting for the caller. To help guide you, here are some key points to consider as you compose your new business voicemail:

  • Welcome the caller with a warm and friendly greeting.  
  • Inform the caller whom they have reached so they know they have contacted the right person, department or business. 
  • Apologise for the inconvenience - this can go a long way in diffusing any upset caused by customers' inability to reach you or your company. 
  • Invite the caller to leave a message.
  • Add a call to action, which can include visiting your website for more information or inviting the caller to ring back at an alternative time.

Top tips for writing the perfect voicemail greeting

Writing the perfect voicemail can be challenging, so here are our top tips on what to remember when scripting and updating your voicemail message.

Include a warm greeting 

When you miss a call, callers might feel frustrated or upset, so you want to ensure you defuse any annoyance caused by your unavailability. Keep your message polite by welcoming the caller with a warm and friendly greeting delivered in a gentle manner. Something along the lines of: "Hello and welcome to [company], we're very sorry, we're experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment…"

Communicate alternative methods of communication 

Offer your callers a solution by mentioning other available contact methods if your phone lines are busy. Other forms of communication can include email, live chat, instant messaging and social media. Mentioning other methods of communication can enhance your customer service and help customers find a better method of getting in contact with your company when your phone team is busy.  

Keep it clear - do not ramble! 

No one likes to listen to a long voicemail, especially if no one answers the phone at the end of the message. Keep it short and sweet - nothing longer than two sentences long. Ensure all vital information is conveyed effectively, incorporating the key points mentioned earlier in 'What should I include in a voicemail greeting?'

Tip: Write a script before you record your voicemail message so that you include all the key points and avoid all the 'fluff' words. 

Listen to the voicemail when you have finished 

Each time you record a new voicemail, take a moment to review it. Ensure your voice is clear and your communication is effective throughout the recording. This practice helps avoid rambling or speaking too quickly, ensuring that listeners can understand you clearly.

Prepare yourself before recording 

Before recording your voicemail message, settle into a comfortable environment and eliminate any background noise. Being in a relaxed setting enhances your friendliness and approachability in the voicemail. If you feel uncertain, consider doing multiple takes and reviewing each recording to identify areas for improvement with every attempt.

Update your voicemail regularly 

When was the last time you updated your voicemail message? Something you created a year ago might not feel relevant anymore, so you should aim to update your voicemail as regularly as possible. Consider aligning your voicemail with current business developments, team absences and holiday schedules. Keeping your voicemail updated will ensure that callers are informed of the latest updates and provide a clearer understanding of when your company will respond.

Business voicemail greeting examples

Here are 18 examples of voicemails for every type of occasion, situation, department or individual in the business.  

Office reception, mainline or department

 "Hello, and thank you for calling [Company Name]. You've reached our [Department]. We apologise that we're unable to take your call at the moment. Please leave your name, number and a brief message, and we'll get back to you promptly. If you need emergency assistance, please get in touch with our alternative number on [Number]. Thank you for your patience!"

"Greetings from [Company Name]! You've dialled our central reception line. We're sorry we couldn't connect right away. Your call is important to us. Please leave your details after the tone, and we'll return your call as soon as possible. If you prefer, check out our website at [Website URL] for additional details. Thank you for your understanding."

"Thank you for contacting us at [Company Name]. This is our main office line in [Department], and we regret not being available to answer your call right now. Please leave us a message with your name, contact number and reason for calling, and we'll make sure to get back to you promptly. For more information about our services, please visit our website at [Website URL]. We appreciate your understanding."

"Hello, and welcome to [Company Name]. You've reached our main reception line, and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused by missing your call. Please leave a detailed message after the tone, including your name, number, and the purpose of your call, and we'll respond in [Timeframe]. Alternatively, you can schedule a callback time by visiting our website at [Website URL]. Thank you for considering us."

Customer service department 

"Hello, you've reached the customer service team at [Company Name].  We’re sorry that we cannot answer the phone right now because [Reason]. We're eager to assist you, so please leave your query and contact details, and we'll swiftly address your concerns within [Timeframe]. Thank you for your understanding."

"Thank you for reaching out to our customer service at [Company Name]. We're currently experiencing an influx in calls, and all our operators are assisting other customers. Please leave your name and number, and we'll prioritise getting back to you as soon as possible."

Direct mobile phone number 

"Hi there! You've reached [Employee's Name] at [Company Name]. I'm sorry I can't take your call at the moment. Your message is important to me, so please leave your name, number and reason for calling, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. For additional information about our services, feel free to visit our website at [Website URL]. Thank you!"

"Hello, and thank you for contacting [Employee's Name] at [Company Name]. I regret missing your call. Please leave a detailed message with your name, contact information and the purpose of your call, and I'll make it a priority to return your call promptly. If you prefer, you can also schedule an alternative time to talk. Meanwhile, check out our website at [Website URL] for more information. Have a great day!"

"Hi there, you've reached the voicemail of [Employee's Name] from [Company Name]. I apologise for not being available to take your call right now, I am currently [reason for being unavailable]. Please leave your name, number and a brief message, and I'll ensure to get back to you in [Timeframe]. If you need immediate assistance, please contact [alternative contact or department]. Thank you for your understanding!"

Out-of-office or after-hours greetings 

"Welcome to [Company Name]. Unfortunately, our office is currently closed. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please leave your contact details, and we'll get in touch when the office opens at [Time]. For more information, check out our website at [Website URL]."

"Thank you for calling [Company Name]. We're sorry for missing your call; our office is closed at the moment. Please leave a detailed message with your name, contact number, and the nature of your inquiry, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible when we resume operations. For additional information, visit our website. Thank you for your understanding."

Holiday greetings 

"Happy holidays! Thanks for calling [Company name], but unfortunately, we're out of the office until [Date]. Please leave your contact details, and we will get back to you as soon as we return. We hope you enjoy the holiday season."

"Season's greetings from [Company Name]! You've reached out to us during this festive time. We're sorry we can't take your call right now, but your message matters! Please leave your details, and we'll jingle all the way back to you shortly. For additional details, hop over to our website and explore. Happy Holidays!"

Short voicemail greetings 

Sometimes, a short and sweet will do just the trick! Here are a few voicemail greetings that get straight to the point without the fluff. 

"Hello! You've reached [Company Name] - sorry for missing your call. Please leave your contact details, and we'll get back to you in [Timeframe]. Thanks!

"Thanks for calling [Company Name]. We're sorry, but we're currently experiencing an influx of calls. Leave a message, and we'll respond or chat to us on [Live chat URL]."

"Hello from [Company Name]. Apologies for missing your call. Please leave a message, and we'll get in touch within [Timeframe]."

"Hello! You've reached [Company Name]. Sorry, we couldn't answer. Leave your details, and we'll call back. Visit our website for more information about our services at [Website URL]."

"Good evening. You've reached [Company Name]. We're closed at the moment but will reopen at [Opening Time]. Please leave your details, and we'll respond when we're back. Thank you!"

"Thank you for calling [Company Name]. We're currently on another line. Kindly leave your information, and we'll return your call shortly."

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