How ready is your business for the next generation of employees?

Is your business prepared to attract young skilled workers? Gen Z and millennials are demanding that workplaces come with the necessary tools to complete their job properly and efficiently. Find out more about the type of technology your business needs to attract, captivate and sustain young talent.

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Is your business ready for the next generation?

For your business to thrive, survive and attract younger generations for years to come, you need to keep up to date with current technology. Unfortunately, if you are hiring young adults and your systems are designed for older generations, you will ultimately not attract young people to your team. 

It is becoming more imminent that workplaces need to keep up with the latest tech to maintain with the current times, especially when it comes to growing your talent pipeline. Millennials and Gen Z have grown up with phones, computers and a wide range of other technology. They are a digital generation that feels at home on the internet. It has been integrated into their lives and is something that they are most likely not willing to complete jobs without it. They spend a significant chunk of their free time on their smartphone and expect to have access to their work-related tasks from their mobile as well. 

Young people expect excellent working tools and will not put up with old, outdated systems as these tech-savvy workers are used to the fast pace of change. If you are struggling to attract young talent, technology could be the only missing piece of the puzzle to bring the attention of those skilled candidates.

How ready is your business for the next generation of employees? - Blog by T2k, communications experts

Benefits of upgrading your technology

Apart from the fact that technology acquires the attention of younger recruits, your business will also reap many other benefits by implementing the right tools. Integrating the correct systems, streamlining workflows and putting support systems in place will aid your profit and future growth.

Young workers now expect workplaces to be equipped with technology to make business operations and their job easier. Providing effective workplace technologies that engage workers is a smart move and an excellent investment. 

Using the right tools in your company can bring groundbreaking cost-reduction solutions to your company as it can save you money. You can find out more about how you can implement technology into your business to cut costs with our blog: 5 ways to save your business money with technology

Furthermore, providing workers with up-to-date technology to complete their job will make them more efficient and less stressed. There is nothing worse than having a slow and outdated system, especially when trying to get a job done. Young people are used to getting information quickly and swiftly when performing tasks with tech. If your tools are outdated, your systems will become more stressful and ineffective. By upgrading to the latest systems, you are making their job easier. 

Adapting to hybrid and remote working styles

It is time to leave 2019 behind, adapt to the change in working style and rethink your workplace design. Following the pandemic in 2020, many people have discovered the benefits of working from home. 

A study showed that three-quarters of Gen Z employees prefer a hybrid or remote-working model. In fact, these young workers have enjoyed the flexibility of this working style that they are willing to quit rather than return full-time to the office. With this in mind, your company could benefit from adopting the change to accommodate the working needs of your younger employees.

Technology can help you adjust to the new working style preferred by a high percentage of the younger generation. By implementing communications systems, including instant messaging and VoIP, you are enabling your business to transition and thrive in the modern-day working style.  

How ready is your business for the next generation of employees? - Blog by T2k, communications experts

What technology does your business need to accommodate the next generation?

There are many different technologies that your business can implement to accommodate young workers’ needs. But integrating the right tools also depends on your business requirements and current operations. Here are some of our top recommendations based on trends for businesses in any industry. 

Instant messaging 

Instant messaging is a handy tool to keep your employees connected. Instant messaging is a real-time chat platform that allows users to send informal messages to individuals and groups. People use this service to collaborate on projects, ping quick updates and receive prompt help when needed. 

The wonderful thing about instant messaging is that there are many different ways of communication, all within one application, including video calling, audio messaging, file transfer and more. 

Instant messaging is a part of the young generation's norm and is fully integrated into their personal life. One study shows that young people in the UK spend an average of 31 minutes daily on WhatsApp. Even older generations are using IM apps more as another study exclaims that people aged 55 and over are spending more time on instant messaging apps. With technology dominating every aspect of Millennials’ lives, it is no wonder that 41% say they prefer to communicate electronically at work rather than face to face.

By implementing instant messaging into your business operations, you are making communication easier for your employees. To find out more benefits that IMing can have on your business, read our blog on how this chat service can improve your business. 

Video calls 

In-person meetings are being used less for internal communications. The modern workforce would prefer to work with more flexibility, mobility and time back in their busy day. Video conferencing helps with providing employees with these increasing needs.

Video calls helps businesses to adapt to a hybrid/remote working style as they allow employees to conference from home instead of enduring long commutes to have in-person meetings. Your team can give more time to those important work matters rather than staying in long meetings. 

Video chats are often preferred over phone calls as it helps to promote team collaboration. When you are meeting with someone face-to-face, you are more likely to get your point across and have a more natural conversation than if it were an audio-only call. Younger generations value being heard and having more informal discussions. This is why video calling is very effective for communication. 

Voice notes 

Voice notes are audio messages created and sent over instant messaging services. Sending voice notes is on the rise. According to WhatsApp, seven billion voice notes are sent every single day using the platform and are particularly favoured among young people.  

It is an efficient method of sending information as it is quicker than typing out long messages as you need to write the message, check the grammar, punctuation, spelling and overall style. With voice notes, you only need to talk to convey your message. Sending audio messages is an effective and efficient form of internal communication that your business should consider using. 

Enterprise social network

90.4% of millennials are active on social networks, according to the latest studies. If so many young people are using social media, it would be smart to use something like this in your business operations.

An enterprise social network is a private, internal social network that businesses use to communicate with others in the company. It usually incorporates some elements of team messaging, project management, task management and collaboration tools into one platform. By having your own enterprise social media platform, you are adapting to the type of communication systems that attract younger employees. 

Need further advice? T2k are here to help

Are you ready to adapt but are not sure where to start when it comes to updating your technology? Then we are here to help. Our expert advisors are here to assist you with any queries you have regarding communication systems, telecoms, broadband and leased lines. For a jargon-free chat and helpful advice, get in touch with T2k today.

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