How to keep connected to VoIP during a power outage

Discover how to ensure uninterrupted communication with your VoIP system during power outages. Learn effective strategies and preventative measures to keep your business connected even when faced with unexpected disruptions.

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If you're considering switching from traditional landlines to VoIP, you might have concerns about its reliability during a power outage. Will your phone still function, or will you experience a frustrating communication blackout? It's important to address these concerns to ensure that your VoIP system remains operational even during power outages. This blog will highlight the effective strategies to stay connected to VoIP during these disruptions and ways to prevent future disconnections.

How to deal with VoIP during a power outage

While VoIP offers greater reliability compared to traditional landlines, power outages can still occur since the internet relies on electricity. Therefore, your business must be prepared for such situations. Power outages can happen unexpectedly, triggered by a simple storm or accident. To minimise downtime, we recommend having a well-thought-out plan in place. Here we suggest several strategies to help you prepare for and mitigate the impact of power outages, ensuring the littlest disruption to your business operations.

Create a power outage management strategy

Creating a power outage management strategy will ensure that your team will know precisely what to do when a power drop occurs. It's a must-needed plan as it will maintain seamless communication in your business, support communication channels and prevent potential disruptions to your services. This process should outline proactive measures to lessen the impact of power outages. 

When creating a power outage management strategy, there are several useful tips to consider. The following are key points to think about when implementing your plan. 

Forward incoming calls to an alternative site

Most importantly, you must confirm that your business can still receive incoming calls, even during a power outage. One highly effective solution is implementing call forwarding to an alternative site, such as another office or remote work location. If you do not currently have an additional place, one great solution is partnering with a third-party call centre as a backup option. 

Before a power outage occurs, you should configure your phone system or VoIP service to automatically forward calls to the designated alternative site when a power outage is detected. This ensures a seamless transition and enables your team to continue providing quality customer service without disruptions.

Connect to your backup power supply

Once the power goes down, everything goes down. It's not just your communication system that will be affected; all the technology that relies on power to stay operational will switch off. That is why having a backup supply source is necessary so your business remains functional during disruptions. 

Having a backup power supply is one of the simplest solutions you can implement to ensure minimal disturbance. All you need to do is connect your VoIP phones to your backup, and there you have it. You're up and running again. But in situations like these, there is only so much power that these stores can provide. So having a plan to determine the vital equipment to operate is important for a smooth transition during disruptions.

In some cases, advanced phone models support Power over Ethernet (PoE), a technology that delivers power through the Ethernet cable instead of requiring a separate power adaptor. This innovative feature simplifies installation, saves space and enables you to deploy phones even in areas without available power outlets. Consequently, these PoE-enabled phone models can continue functioning seamlessly during a power outage, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

Use your VoIP provider’s mobile app 

Your mobile phone can be the perfect solution during a power outage. As long as your mobile device is charged and connected to cellular data instead of relying on Wi-Fi, you can receive incoming calls for your business phone number. This flexibility is one of the great advantages of VoIP, as it allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere without depending on your office's internet connection. 

Many VoIP providers offer mobile apps that enable you to seamlessly conduct business using your personal mobile device whenever you desire or when needed. We have partnered with reputable VoIP providers like 3CX, Phoneline+, and Gamma Horizon, which offer mobile apps as part of their services. Users can log in and begin making and receiving calls within minutes of downloading these apps from the app store. It's as simple as that! 

How to keep connected to VoIP during a power outage: Blog by T2k the communication experts

Provide staff training on power outage management

Providing staff training on power outage management is a key step to ensure the effectiveness of your strategy. It is not enough to have a well-crafted plan; your team needs to be knowledgeable and prepared to act accordingly when the time comes. Once you have developed your power outage management strategy, invest time and resources in training your staff on all aspects of the plan.

Start by educating your team on the importance of the strategy and how it aligns with the organisation's goals and objectives. Each team member should have clear direction on their roles and responsibilities during a power outage, including how to prepare backup solutions and effectively implement the strategy to minimise disruptions.

You can provide this type of education through comprehensive training sessions covering various scenarios and possible challenges during a power outage. During these sessions, you should teach your employees how to handle emergencies, deal with communications and operate the backup systems, as mentioned earlier in this blog. Also, consider conducting practical exercises or drills to simulate power outage situations, as this hands-on training allows your team to practise their roles and responses in a controlled environment.

Remember to regularly review and update the training materials to reflect any changes or advancements in your power outage management strategy. When you've updated those plans, keep your team informed about new technologies or procedures that may enhance the plan's effectiveness.

How to prevent future disconnections

Circumstances such as weather disruptions, accidents or power grid failures can't be helped when it comes to blackouts. There are, however, certain precautions to consider to ensure there aren't unnecessary power cuts happening in your business. Here are some prevention methods to ensure your company remains operational as much as possible. 

Choose a reliable VoIP provider 

When choosing a phone provider, you should research the occasional outages that can impact the phone system. To make an informed decision, you must investigate the provider's reliability track record and the measures they take to maintain it.

Opting for a provider that operates in multiple data centres is necessary, and the transition between them is seamless. While there might be a momentary call drop, picking up again will result in a reestablished connection.

Have a backup Internet Service Provider 

Since VoIP relies on an internet connection, you should have a backup ISP if the primary service provider experiences an outage. Research and identify a reliable secondary ISP that can quickly be switched to during an internet disruption. This redundancy guarantees that your business can seamlessly switch to the backup connection and maintain VoIP services even if one provider fails.

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Power outages can happen, but you want to confirm that you're in the best hands when it does. At T2k, we only partner with reputable VoIP systems, such as 3CX, Phoneline+, and Gamma Horizon, so that you'll receive the best service possible and ensure minimal disruptions. If you're ready to switch from traditional landlines to VoIP or simply looking for a reliable VoIP provider, then T2k is here to help. Our team of experts can guide you through transitioning to a VoIP solution that meets your specific needs. 

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