Important Notice

Price Rises

In light of recent BT Openreach cost base changes to the  industry, we hereby give notice of the below price changes that come into  effect 1st January 2024 across impacted services below;

Wholesale Line Rental Charges T2K New Monthly Cost (April 2024)
Basic PSTN line rental £22.50
Basic PSTN Rental on RCF £22.50
Call Diversion £3.00
Caller Display £3.00
Care Level 2 Rental £3.00
Care Level 3 Rental £8.25
Care Level 4 Rental £13.50
DDI - WLR 3 £0.60
ISDN 30 Care Level 4 £12.60
ISDN 30 CLIP £3.00
ISDN 30 Connected Line Id Presentation £3.00
ISDN 30 Presentation Number £3.00
ISDN 2 Digital Standard Channel Rental £22.50
ISDN 2 Digital System Channel Rental £22.50
ISDN 2e CLIP £3.00
ISDN 2e Connected line Id Presentation £3.00
ISDN 2e Cust Controlled Call Forwarding £3.00
ISDN 2e MSN rental £0.60
ISDN 2e Presentation Number £3.00
ISDN 2e SNDDI rental £0.60
ISDN 30 Site Assurance Option 1 £3.00
ISDN 30 SNDDI £0.60
ISDN 30e Channel rental £22.50
PSTN Aux Rental £22.50
PSTN Main Rental £22.50
PSTN Premium line rental £22.50
Presentation Number £2.50
PSTN RCF £5.50
Smart Divert - £3.00
Wholesale 1571 £3.00
Withold Number (All Calls) £0.00
Choose to Divert - £2.50
ISDN 30 Add. Entry - Ordinary - Local £60.00
Wholesale Call Minder Custom £6.90
Legacy Broadband Services - Including ADSL2+ & FTTC 10% Price Increase
Ethernet (Leased Lines) Out of Contract increase £10.00 increase each per month

In additional to above, all call charges on Legacy  services ISDN and PSTN products will see a 20% increase on the pence per minute rate effective April 1st 2024

Therefore, in accordance with the terms of your supply agreement, this notice (Also provided on March's bill) constitutes thirty (30) days’ notice of the following changes in T2K’s prices to you with effect from 1st April 2024, with rental events and traffic invoiced on or after 1st April 2024 receiving this revised pricing.

Please don't hesitate to contact your T2K Account Manager should you have any questions or concerns.

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