Business Broadband

Connect your business with fast and reliable internet access from T2k and ensure that your VoIP calls are of the highest quality.

About our broadband

With a hosted VoIP phone service alongside more and more applications moving to the cloud, it’s essential that your internet connectivity is both fast and reliable. T2k’s business broadband service is delivered using Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), giving you both high speeds and reliability. What’s more, with our Assured or Converged Broadband services, we can ensure the highest quality of calls.

Benefits of T2k broadband

Everything Under One Roof

Benefit from lower latency and better call quality by having your internet and VoIP service with the same provider.

Business Only Network

We pride ourselves on providing fair and transparent pricing, so you know you’re always getting a good deal.

Competitive Pricing

High-quality business-grade broadband services at competitive prices.

Bespoke Speeds

Tailor your speed to your business - we can customise your service to provide you with the capacity you need.

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